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Meditation Interview with Mark Chatterton

Author and teacher mark Chatterton is interviewed about his new book, "Meditation: A Practical Guide". In it, he discusses the various types of meditation, incl...

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David McCready - Life beyond the Earht Plane and the assistance we get from beings on other worlds.

Today we discuss life beyond the Earht (Earth) Plane, and the considerable assistance we get from beings on other worlds. Dav...

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Anthony Peake - The Hidden Universe. What's Reality, Synchronicity and Alien Abductions.

Hello and welcome to the Spirit network Radio Show with your host, Mark Chatterton. Today I would like to welcome back onto the show researcher and...

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Richard Martini - Past life Regression - Architecture of the Afterlife: The Flipside Code

Hello and welcome to the Spirit Guides Podcast with your host Mark Chatterton. Today I am pleased to welcome on board from the USA, film maker, author and music...

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David McCready - Visiting Parallel Worlds and Lives via Astral Projection

Watch our latest video interview with Astralnaut and frequent visitor of the heavens, David McCready Today we discuss visiting parallel worlds and lives via ...

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David McCready - self awareness in the illusion, higher realities & recognising your spirit team

Living in the illusion – Being self-aware in the illusion, traversing higher realities and recognising your full guiding spirit team. [h]Full interview[/h] ...

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Open the Heart - Mid-Summer Sacred Celebration Retreat Essex

Set in tranquil surroundings, let us take you on a sacred journey into the heart … We are moving into a new awakening, away from the old paradigm of making d...

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How finding the Deeper Meaning can lead to a more fulfilled life

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying: "there are two ways you can live your if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle". The matrix we li...

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It's OK to be good enough

Meritocracy, in principle, is a wonderful idea. Politicians throw it around all the time. People are grabbing hold of it, casting aside the old notions of a cla...

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We are in this together

The world is united in a way it has never been before every country is facing the same issue, whether you recognise it as the pandemic or plandemic. The point ...

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The Four Foundations Meditations Series: Meditations to enter Zen

We're very excited to announce a new online class for the New Year: The Four Foundations Buddhist Meditations Series: Meditations to enter Zen This series...

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Let’s Rise Together – New Year, New You!

Beginning Thursday 7th January 2021. We are so very happy to announce we have an AMAZING and FREE 3 Month, online Qi-Gong Workshop beginning in January. F...

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Vacation Bible School

  • CATEGORIES: Spirituality
  • Tue, 15 June 21
  • Christian Reformed Church, 7506 25th Avenue, Kenosha, Wisconsin,, 53143
  • 262-654-6234


Online Introduction: Ancient Teachings of the Ishayas




  • CATEGORIES: Feng shui
  • Sat, 1 January 22 : 1:00am
  • Online Virtual Event
  • +353858518369