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Meditation Interview with Mark Chatterton

Author and teacher mark Chatterton is interviewed about his new book, "Meditation: A Practical Guide". In it, he discusses the various types of meditation, incl...

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David McCready - Life beyond the Earht Plane and the assistance we get from beings on other worlds.

Today we discuss life beyond the Earht (Earth) Plane, and the considerable assistance we get from beings on other worlds. Dav...

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Anthony Peake - The Hidden Universe. What's Reality, Synchronicity and Alien Abductions.

Hello and welcome to the Spirit network Radio Show with your host, Mark Chatterton. Today I would like to welcome back onto the show researcher and...

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Richard Martini - Past life Regression - Architecture of the Afterlife: The Flipside Code

Hello and welcome to the Spirit Guides Podcast with your host Mark Chatterton. Today I am pleased to welcome on board from the USA, film maker, author and music...

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David McCready - Visiting Parallel Worlds and Lives via Astral Projection

Watch our latest video interview with Astralnaut and frequent visitor of the heavens, David McCready Today we discuss visiting parallel worlds and lives via ...

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David McCready - self awareness in the illusion, higher realities & recognising your spirit team

Living in the illusion – Being self-aware in the illusion, traversing higher realities and recognising your full guiding spirit team. [h]Full interview[/h] ...

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Removing Attachments from your Energy Field

Not all the blockages in life belong to you. But they can disrupt your life, destroy relationships and increase the risk of mental health issues. At AriLiz we a...

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Activate Your Higher Mind: Navigate Life's Complexity...8 Ways to Do it

In this great reset that the shadow is desperately trying to impose on society, it's essential that we be informed more by higher knowing, and create our realit...

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The heart knows what the mind cannot see

In bringing the heaven that is held within our heart to earth, to give it life and colour, we fulfill the promise we made for this lifetime. When we wish to...

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These are five clear signs that you are having a Soul Awakening:

[h]1. Seeing Number Sequences[/h] If you are frequently seeing repeating number sequences, such as 11:11, 111, 444, 555, 16:16 etc., this is a sure sign that...

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Five Steps to Loving Yourself More

The most important relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself. Partners, friends, colleagues, family members and even pets may come and...

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Crafting 3D Mind as Your Friend and Ally in the 5D Ascension Shift

There's a tendency not to speak too much of the 3D mind in terms of alignment with the 5D shift, other than letting go of identification with it. But the energy...

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Reiki Level 2 Training Course

  • Sat, 25 March 23 : 9:30am
  • 33 Cromwell Drive, East Leake, LE12 6LZ, LE12 6LZ
  • +447748591690


Information Lecture: Help and Healing on the Spiritual Path through the teaching of Bruno Groening - medically documented.

  • CATEGORIES: Other Fantastic Events
  • Sat, 25 March 23 : 12:30pm
  • Liverpool Central Library 4th Floor Meeting Rooms William Brown Street Liverpool L3 8EW


Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Show: Worcester

  • CATEGORIES: Mind Body Spirit Fayre
  • Sat, 25 March 23 : 11:00am
  • Worcestershire County Cricket Club, New Road, Worcester, UK, WR2


In Good Spirit - Psychic and Holistic Fair

  • CATEGORIES: Holistic
  • Sun, 26 March 23
  • Glenmore House 6 The Crescent Surbiton KT6 4BN , KT6 4BN
  • 07785978436


Mind Body Spirit and Crafts Fair

  • CATEGORIES: Spirituality
  • Sun, 26 March 23
  • Waterloo Park Pavilion Cafe - The Feed, Angel Road, Norwich, NR3 3HX
  • 07968190456



Soul Medicine Festival Campout

  • CATEGORIES: Festival
  • Fri, 26 May 23 : 12:00pm
  • The Haybarn Wedding Venue, Wall under Heywood, Church Stretton, UK, SY6 7DS
  • 07427515025


Inner Engineering Completion - Milwaukee

  • CATEGORIES: Spirituality
  • Sat, 15 April 23
  • Waukesha Schuetze Rec Center, 1120 Baxter Street, Waukesha, Wisconsin, 53186
  • 4148854742


Easter Sunday Worship Services

  • CATEGORIES: Spirituality
  • Sun, 9 April 23
  • Reveille United Methodist Church, 4200 Cary Street Road, Richmond, Virginia, 23221
  • Rachel Sanders


"A Day of Healing " Metaphysical and Artisan Fair

  • CATEGORIES: Spirituality
  • Sat, 20 May 23
  • Center for Spiritual Living, 4585 Dunsmore Avenue, Glendale, California, United States, 91214
  • 8186008146