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Five Steps to Loving Yourself More

The most important relationship you will ever have, is the one you have with yourself. Partners, friends, colleagues, family members and even pets may come and go, but “You” will always be with “Yourself”.

After all, “You” are who “You” spend the most time with.

Which brings me to why the relationship with yourself is the most important. For how you feel about yourself, what you perceive you deserve and how you treat yourself are all reflected back to you through your relationships with others.

LOVING YOURSELF is so important!

It is imperative that you care, respect, love, honour and value yourself for the unique Soul you are.

It may be that you perceive that putting yourself first is selfish. That we 'must' and 'should' give to others before ourselves. But there is a reason why they say put your own oxygen mask on first in an emergency on an aircraft before helping anyone else. You have to take care of yourself first in order to have any life force left to give others! If you choose not to take care of yourself, you will become more and more depleted.

The less resources you have of health, time, energy, money etc the less able you are to help and provide to others, particularly if you end up in a state of crisis with exhaustion or ill health.

If you do not love yourself, for example through feeling you are bad, or not good enough, or that you've done something 'wrong', you block yourself from being in the flow of the universal life force energy - which is LOVE.

When you don't feel good about yourself, you are no longer in the flow of LOVE.

Lower energy vibrations such as “Guilt” always seeks punishment. Self punishment can manifest as the little bumps and bruises we might get. Stubbing your toe, or banging your arm, for example. Or something more painful or serious than that.

I highly recommend Louise L Hay's book “Heal your Body” to see how your emotions affect your physicality and can appear as ailments in the body. Blocked, trapped and unexpressed emotions can cause physical ailments.

Now more than ever you are being asked to put LOVE first. The world, and everyone on it, is moving from 3rd dimensional ego based consciousness to 5th dimensional heart based consciousness.

LOVE or lack of LOVE is coming to the forefront. This will cause everyone to do some serious soul searching, to re-evaluate relationships, friendships, jobs, homes and the very way we live our lives.

You can choose to make loving yourself your number one priority!

When you raise your vibration with LOVE, you attract to you everything in that same LOVING ENERGY VIBRATION.

Consider these questions:

What would you do differently if you loved yourself?
If you loved yourself unconditionally how would you treat yourself?
If you could do any job in the world, what job would you love to do?
What would you spend your time doing with LOVE?
How could you be more loving towards yourself now?
What is the most loving thing you could do for yourself today?

Choose to be your own best friend. Give yourself everything you could ever want in a relationship – LOVE, compassion, understanding, acceptance, approval, appreciation, care, attention, comfort, respect, kindness, laughter, joy, fun, happiness, peace, harmony, support, permission etc etc

BE YOURSELF. With no restrictions. No excuses. No putting yourself down. No beating yourself up. No comparing yourself to anyone else.


You are “good enough” and you do deserve LOVE and to have a life you LOVE!

Five steps to loving yourself more:

1. Put yourself first and do what is right for you
2. Do more of the things you love – that light you up – that bring you joy
3. Always listen to your heart/soul/positive inner voice/intuition/gut reactions and follow the guidance you receive
4. Take care of yourself and your needs, including time for yourself
5. Practice using only loving and positive self-talk, and be gentle and kind to yourself

Sending you LOVE and LIGHT

Louise x

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Wed, 16 February 22 : 16:02 : Louise Francis

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