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Removing Attachments from your Energy Field

Not all the blockages in life belong to you. But they can disrupt your life, destroy relationships and increase the risk of mental health issues. At AriLiz we are accustomed to clearing obstacles from the energetic and intuitive fields of our clients and are committed to helping people understand the ways they can improve their lives by using some of our techniques.

Do you have feelings of guilt, fear, anger or anxiety without understanding why?

Do you find it difficult to make decisions?

Are you struggling to see your way forward?

Do you find it hard to deal with criticism or rejection?

Do you feel undervalued or have low self esteem?

Are you suffering with pain or health issues that the doctors can’t solve?

Do certain situations stress you so much you can’t move?

Do you feel that good things only happen to other people?

Does what you want in life always seem to be out of reach?

The root cause of any of these issues may not be yours. We find so many people with problems that originate from attachments which can so easily be removed, with the right technique.

So far we have published two books, ‘What Does It Have To Do With Me?’ and ‘Intuitive Body Rebalancing for Weight Control’, with our next book ‘What Does It Have To Do With Me 2?’ being published this year. In these books we explain the variety of techniques created to determine what is affecting you and how to remove it. Your energetic and intuitive field can be easily infiltrated unless you are fully protected and, in the current climate of fear and negativity, protecting yourself is crucial.

You could have any of the following attachments affecting your energy or emotions:-

Unknown dead souls
Family members in spirit
Living souls
Unborn siblings

An unknown dead soul has no connection to you but has entered your energy randomly or because it feels a connection to you. Family members who have passed often transfer their negative emotions or worries onto a loved one. Being affected by a living soul means that a friend, family member, work colleague or neighbour could be deliberately or innocently disrupting your energy. An existence is a being that has not lived as a human on earth but seeks the experience of being human and then affects your life. A parasite is an entity that feeds from your body and can disrupt physical or emotional wellbeing. Demons are evil entities that are often sent by others to damage you or your life, sometimes through jealousy or anger. Unborn siblings may be a new concept to you but it happens more often than you realise, when an egg is fertilised in the womb it is common for more than one egg to be fertilised but these souls do not make it to the first scan.

In our books we give numerous case studies showing all these types of situations and how we have designed techniques to remove them permanently. Our main technique involves kinesiology with mediumship and family constellation work. This allows us to represent what is causing the issue in your life, see what the cause is and disconnect it completely from you. Using this technique we take on the persona of who or what is creating the issue and redirect it away from you or disconnect it.

We also use believing statements as these give a great insight into where your problem originates. As an example if you are finding it hard to leave a bad relationship we would ask you to make certain statements each representing a different part of your character and test each statement for its strength. It could be that your response is weak when you say ‘The child inside of me wants to leave this relationship’ then we know that we have to look for a reason why, as a child, you believed it wasn’t right to leave a relationship. We would represent the original belief and remove it so you can move forward.
In our books you will find these situations explained together with simple techniques for you to try, like the 2 minute release – a simple method of releasing emotions that you don’t need in your life, or soul alignment to bring your full self back into your body so you can focus better on your wellbeing, or using mirrors to boost the feelings you want in life or deflect away those you don’t want.

Another method we use is time jumping. In this we give you a way to jump forward in time, maybe 1 year or 2 or even 5 years to see if you are happy and peaceful. If not then we search to see if the problem begins in your present or past, clear it and then jump you forward again to ensure you find your happy place.

We all deserve happiness but sometimes the obstacles are not ours, we want to help people find the happiness they deserve by clearing out energies that prevent them from achieving a life full of contentment, peace and joy.
To assist further we are creating videos to show how these techniques work, and of course they are detailed in our books. For more information or to find the links check out our website or find us on YouTube or Instagram. Alternatively you can contact us on [email protected] for more information or to arrange an online appointment.

On our website you will also see that we have created plastic cards with a 9-dimensional hologram that can be programmed for your protection, always. These can also be used for health support or anti-aging. Look for our ALways cards.

Ariane Wittgreen Antinori & Liz Chapman – AriLiz.

Wed, 22 June 22 : 5:06 : Enjoy

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