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Soulutions for the MInd, Body & Soul

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

Past Life Regression

Here you will find a group of like-minded people who enjoy and attend talks, webinars, workshops, courses and retreats in the areas of transformational soulutions for the Mind, Body & Soul. Many of the events will be hosted by Doug Buckingham, though others events will also be advertised here.

Our featured transformational soulutions are:

- Past and current life regression
- Hypnosis
- Sound Healing
- Reiki
- Crystal Healing

And many more

I hope you can join us and become part of our tribe !!

VISIT WEBSITE +447979750291
No upcoming events

Welcome to this Group

happy greetings and welcome to this group This is an open forum to discuss anything around the events that are running, their subject matter or any reasonably related subject!!

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Are Past Lives Real?
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VISIT WEBSITE +447979750291
DougBuckingham - Hello, I'm Doug and I am passionate about how we can create our lives from the inside out and in general the world of energy medicine.
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