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Heart Warming and Opening Cacao Ceremony

We invite you to join us for a very special heart warming experience in beautiful surroundings and a cosy environment. Join us with friends to taste chocolate like you've never tasted before and in its absolute natural state and feel the warmth and love it brings to your heart. How can we not share this? This natural cacao, also referred to as Spiritual Chocolate has many powerful benefits to the body and soul. It is directly imported and sourced from the Chocolate Shaman, Keith Wilson, in Guatemala who loved using it in his spiritual work and started processing it himself. Hand peeled and hand sorted twice for quality. “The Food of the Gods” is the perfect partner with music, writing, art, dance, yoga, meditation and spiritual or shamanic practice. Ideal for the workplace, Keith’s Cacao can enhance insight, presence, and focus – enriching creativity, productivity, clarity, and vision. Follow your excitement! Bring on your magic!! If you have never tried cacao before in this context, then you may be interested to know that cacao is a powerful “medicinal” aid that can helps you to open up the heart chakra, release emotional baggage that no longer serves you and generally allows you to move forward in some way in your life. The “medicinal” use of cacao in this type of ceremony goes back thousands of years. The Aztecs priests, shamans and people of status used it for themselves and offered it to the Gods. The Maya revered cacao, and it was even used as currency in ancient times in Central America. Cacao and cacao products are said to perk you up when you are feeling tired and to calm you down when stressed. It also helps to stimulate the appetite, is said to cure indigestion; and helps with sleep. please note: we use ceremonial grade cacao from Guatemala for the evening.



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