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Autumn Yoga Day (Including Sounds)

Autumn Yoga Calm and Magic Autumn is a season for balancing light and dark, letting go, and accepting the impermanence of things. Far too often, we fear the dark and adore only the light. Metaphorically speaking, we we sometimes see things more clearly in the dark, we pay better attention to where we are going and use other intuitive senses to guide us. As we watch leaves fluttering to the ground in the fall, we are reminded that nature's cycles are mirrored in our lives. Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden. Autumn is the transition between Summer and Winter and a wonderful time to tune into ourselves and refresh our entry and begin the process of restoration. Apart from working on preparing our minds and bodies for the Autumn though the yoga pranayama and mediation, we will also be receiving some wonderful crystal sound healing by Doug Buckingham. Full Day Schedule - From 10am-5pm. Welcome and introduction Yoga practice with Suzy - The morning session is all about filling the body with light and energy, creating vibrance and power throughout the chakra system. Morning Break - Refreshments are provided - hot and cold drinks and some tasty snacks and nibbles. Pranayama with Lesley Doveton - I am delighted to have Lesley join me again for our second Yoga Day Programme this year to do some more breathing techniques with us. Lesley is a highly skilled and beautiful Yoga teacher and has been teaching for over 25 years. Lesley loves teaching pranayama and does it so skilfully. She was one of my first Pranayama teachers over 14 years ago. I use her brilliant techniques to this day to find peace and calm in my body and mind. Crystal Sound Healing session with Doug Buckingham - Doug is a Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner and Trainer and a Sound Healer, running bi-monthly sessions in Chalfont St Giles & Kings Langley. I have attended a few of these sessions and find them to be profoundly relaxing and healing of the central nervous system. Sound healing clears negative stuck energy and brings clarity and purity to the mind and body, a powerful healing process. Mindful Living with Suzy - Learn how to apply simple mindfulness exercises to our every day living and notice the benefits in a very short time. You will be able to manage stress and anxiety so much more effectively and even start to feel a greater sense of joy and positivity in your life. Love Meditation with Doug - Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personaland spiritual growth. Most people find Guided Meditation a simple method to achieve all the benefits of this powerful practice. Doug will take us through a beautiful Guided meditation which will leave you feeling deeply related Lunch - Please bring a light lunch, refreshments are provided Mindfulness Walk with Suzy Yoga with Lesley - Calming the Energy - this session focuses on sitting postures and working with the more feminine 'Yin' energy in the body, to help the body to relax and rest more deeply into postures. These postures are also effective during recuperation and healing. They also work on the lymphatic system to help you detox. Afternoon Break Pranayama and Meditation with Suzy Deep Relaxation with Doug Farewell and close



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DougBuckingham - Hello, I'm Doug and I am passionate about how we can create our lives from the inside out and in general the world of energy medicine.

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