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Reiki in the Woods - Reiki healing summer school is now open
You searched for Reiki and here you are. You are aware of Reiki , it keeps crossing your path but you have not found the guidance that is right for you yet, look no further.
There is no better place to practice Reiki than outdoors in nature, in the flow of divine loving energy.
If you want to feel PEACE and LOVE radiating from you, this is the place for you. If you love nature and want to grow and develop in nature, this is the course for you.
Reiki - natural energy healing.
Universal love and synergy has brought you to this page.
Your healing begins now.
I welcome you to this beautiful healing to help us all return to the practice of love rather than the practice of fear.
Reiki in nature is a wonderful opportunity to reset, to return to love, starting with the self love and self care.
Join me now.
After all that we have been through, collectively in the past couple of years. Now more than any time, is the time for self healing. We have faced lots of fear based emotions and many feel a need to re-establish the love connection and the universal healing.
To help us all heal and move forward from the pain and the mental health implications of the past couple of years, my goal in 2022 is to share Reiki level one self healing in nature.
The Reiki level one enables the learner to use Reiki for self -healing and on friends and family. Together we can spread the love and healing. We are a shared consciousness and the more loving and caring we are to ourselves and those around us, the move love there will be in the world. The more we can see our fears but choose a loving response, the more we can heal.
Why in nature? Inside you know that feels right.
Reiki in nature connecting with universal energy that is all around us. It is a beautiful experience, healing in nature.
If you are drawn to universal energy healing and time in nature to heal, this is the course for you.
If you
like to be a free spirit,
do not easily follow rules,
Want to trust your intuition,
Want to learn to be in the flow of nature and love, to heal with love,
If you want to see peace,
If you want to choose peace,
If you want change,
If you want to feel Reiki,
If you want to embrace your place in nature,
This is the Reiki teaching for you. It may not suit everyone, we are all a little different.

Let us heal and align ourselves with the universal energy, with love, with acceptance, within the flow of the natural environment.

Format - This is distance learning theory with a practical day for face to face attunement and practice. You will leave the day confident in completing your self healing 21 day cleanse and the Reiki energy.
Book the day you would like to attend your practical day

I will email you to arrange a video chat.
Within a week of the chat, I will send you the Reiki manual ebook , Self Healing with Reiki Natural Energy and Nature Spirit- pdf
There will be support / coaching video calls (approx three)
A short self assessment questionnaire
Preparation for your attunement / practical day
Practical day
Attunements, connecting with nature and the nature self.
Time to practice the self healing positions
Hand positions for others
Kenyoku body brush down
Nature and healing exercises
Connect to a Reiki healing talisman
Receive your Spirit of Love AuraSpace sacred space spray , usually £30. Created intuitively for each learner. For use on your 21 day self healing cleanse

After the practical day
21 day self healing cleanse and journal
Support / coaching video call mid way
A short self assessment questionnaire and support call
Certification with lineage

Ongoing support and invitations to attend the Reiki share meets in nature. To build a tribe of Reiki self care healers connecting together in the woods.


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Jane Innis - A few years ago, I took my spiritual practices outdoors. Along came Peace in the Park. Today I am gathering like minded people who love nature but also wish to develop spiritually, in nature.
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