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Peace in the Park - Every Saturday

Peace in the Park - Forest Bathing / Shinrin Yoku This is forest bathing and beyond. Sessions are an intuitive and unique mix of healing and forest bathing. Small groups of not more than twelve for a deeper experience. 'There is a silence into which the world cannot intrude. There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost.'  ( Quote A Course in Miracles) I invite you to step aside, let go and share a quiet time of listening and being, amongst the trees and the natural environment. I hold a space for you, allowing you to get the best from your time in the natural environment, guiding you intuitively. The natural environment meets us where we are, we can be free to be ourselves, let go and immerse ourselves in the peace and love of nature. The session consists of a variety of invitations to participate, which include A sensory experience, journeying through our senses within the healing, natural environment.  Connecting with the golden light within Breath work  Peace & Love active meditation - this releases tension, calms the mind and extends feelings of love The Sol Forestal experience We explore alone, deepening our connection with the trees, our wise elders Gratitude Silent contemplation  Time to pause and reflect We tune into the season and the vibe of the woods, feel the oneness with nature, our home Tree Hugging Sound therapy Benefits of Forest Bathing, Shinrin Yoku Reduced stress Increased sense of wellbeing Increased relaxation of the body, aiding sleep Time spent  out in nature is proven to improve well-being, boosting the immune system NK cells. You will experience feelings of a better connection to nature and with a deepening knowledge and clarity on any issues you may have at the moment. The time in the woods can truly change your life.  We will  work with and acknowledge, the energies of nature, depending on the time of the year. This is a great introduction to time in nature, forest bathing and meditation. For the more experienced, an opportunity to deepen your practice. You will pick up tips and techniques that you can use to maintain wellbeing and a feeling of peace, whenever it is needed. You will experience a greater sense of peace. Peace in the Park - forest bathing events featured or mentioned in Time Out The Independent Testimonials 'I feel energised after a forest bathe with Jane' 'This is necessary for my mental wellbeing' 'I found peace again' 'Thank you, I left feeling so relaxed' We meet at the gates 9.30 am prompt - we return to the gates about 11.30am ( do arrive a little bit earlier so that we depart at 9.30am) Contact me for further information  I'm also guiding Peace in the Park - retreats, day events and Peace in the Park -Twilight The retreat on July 23rd- 25th sold out before general public advertising. Follow me to be kept up to date on the 2022 retreat programme. [email protected] 07712 005769  #meditation #nature  #feelgreat  #stressfree  #anxietyrelief  #forestbathing #innerpeace #shinrinyoku FAQs   What are my transport/parking options for getting to and from the event? There is parking along Conduit Lane next to the woods, or the tram goes to LLoyd Park .   What do I need to bring into the event? We walk and sit on the ground, so bring a mat or something to sit. Bring water. How can I contact the organiser with any questions? [email protected] Jane is a qualified forest bathing guide / leader and wellbeing therapist. To book
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VISIT WEBSITE 07712005769 (Jane Innis)
Jane Innis
Jane Innis - A few years ago, I took my spiritual practices outdoors. Along came Peace in the Park. Today I am gathering like minded people who love nature but also wish to develop spiritually, in nature.

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