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Finding the Love Within

Finding the Love Within
As humans, when we truly work from the heart with love we are empowered to create the life we wish to experience with ease. The society we have been living in for thousands of years has helped to create a lack of self worth in many people. As we move through 'the shift' into a more heart centred way of being we are being encouraged to heal and open our hearts once more. As we reconnect with the love within we find that we are limitless beings and can once again step into our own power and be the limitless beings we were always intended to be. Family relationships can have a big effect on our self-worth and self-confidence and when we heal our relationships with our family we are not only helping to heal ourselves, but our family members and our ancestors as well. Belief systems are often passed down from one family member to another and we repeat the pattern until we are ready to stop and think and look at what needs changing. As we reconnect with our true selves and the love within, healing our family relationships will help those relationships to become authentic so clearing issues around self-worth and allowing each of us to feel empowered to move forward. We will be looking at; Discovering how family relationships past and present can affect our self-worth Understanding how past lives can create negative patterns, programmes and beliefs that affect our self worth and our ability to be true selves Understanding how our feelings of self-worth may affect our connections with others How those in positions of power affect self-worth , self confidence and self-esteem How we can identify the issues affecting our self-worth Healing ourselves and our families so that we step into our true power with an open heart Unhooking ourselves from the collective consciousness and unconscious to help release old patterning, programming and beliefs. Moving from your head to your heart to create a new you, empowered to be your true self.



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