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Reclaiming the Divine Feminine Within

Reclaiming the Divine Feminine Within
Reclaiming the Divine Feminine Within - Carmarthenshire Wales The relationship between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine has become distorted through the opressive and power-driven nature of patriarchy. In a patriarchal world – both divine feminine and masculine lose the soul/self empowerment of the Light of Love we truly are as part of Divine Source. These workshops are not an exercise in one having power over the other, rather being One with each other and in honouring that which is beautiful and complementary to the other in wholeness and sweetness. We will feel into the Oneness of source love and acknowledge the relationship of Divine Feminine and Masculine as One and not separate from source but as two parts of the whole. The nature of Lemurian Teachings. Looking at the difference between E-motion and Feeling in connection to womb and heart wisdom. Finding our womb wisdom in the present and how that may be expressed. Learning the sacred practices of womb wisdom through sound. Soul trauma and how we can heal through Light codes, Light rays and healing ceremony. Being the Creatrix of ourselves, finding the seed of creation on a Soul level. Your body as your Temple – exploring the cycles of our body and how to nourish it with soul food and herbs. Sacred Meditation techniques Circle of Sistarhood We shall look into how Divine Feminine is in relationship to each other and divine masculine in the World. We will learn how to become soft and receptive. Deep healing – feeling into that which is most difficult to express. Where do you feel unheard? Feeling into the relationship of blue/orange and how that manifests through the Soul. Breaking cycles of being unheard. Healing timelines How we become soft, open, receptive in our relationships. Soul tantra. Discovering our SoulSongs – feeling into the resonance of wholeness and completion. Honouring who we are in our moon cycles and soul cycles. Creating the crystal and flower mandala of Love – sistar blessings and appreciation. The above is a rough guide and may be altered in accordance with channelled information and to suit the participants in their greater healing experience. Please wear comfortable clothes. Bring a blanket for comfort and warmth. Bring your own lunch. Tea/coffee/water will be provided. Bring with you a notebook and pen. Your investment and booking. You are responsible for your own well-being during these workshops. Please note that a non-refundable deposit of £50 is required to hold your space. If the event is cancelled the deposit is refunded. The full balance must be paid a week before the workshop begins. You may pay in instalments by special arrangement. The total cost for both weekends is £150 For booking please go here: The event is now scheduled for two whole days 28/29 July 2018. The Malindi Centre has a list of places to stay - my favourite is Larkhill Tipis but check out the website for details. Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox has been an energy healer for more than 30 years. She has received training in many varied disciplines including Aura Soma training, Crystal Healing, Soul Mediumship and Priestess Training, as well as many body work therapies. She is dedicated to Her own path of soul illumination and freedom and helping others in their own soul self/realisation ?



VISIT WEBSITE 07505904804 (Rhosalaria Gwyneth Robbins-Cox)

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