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Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach

About Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach

I'm a Psychotherapist and Coach - working with a number of healing tools and practices to aid your self-discovery, and personal transformation.

I offer private sessions, mini, intimate group workshops, and larger events. Unique, and empowering courses are also available to propel your self-development path, and journey with others, passionate about growth. My psychological training is at the backbone of all I do, I have an avid fascination for the workings of the mind, and the relationship of the psyche and the emotional sphere. I have also been intuitive from a young age, and the spiritual aspect of life, and our connection to ourselves and others is at the core of my work. I offer varying therapies, because at different times we need different things. I believe on a holistic model of the being, therefore I work with the mind, the body and the soul, or deeper self. The therapies and techniques I offer include sessions in psychological life coaching, counsellling, sound and energy healing, and numerology. I also work with dreams in varying situations, and one of the things I am most sought out for, is my intuitive guided visualisations, for individuals and groups alike. I hold workshops for healing, using energy, and sound work, and offer talks on psychological / spiritual themes. I'd love to work with you, or meet you at a workshop or event. Feel free to get in touch or get more information about sessions and groups. Have a peaceful day, with warmth, Hanna

VISIT WEBSITE 07532753855

As a self-employed practitioner...who do you go to for business / or client counsel?

Thu, 28 September 17 : 10:09 : Southend-on-Sea GB
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Life Path Inspiration - Services for Transformation, Empowerment & Healing

Services for self-growth, and personal transformation from Hanna Ehlers-Bond. Life Path Inspiration was formed out of a love for personal development, and an aim to help others move from limiting situations, and places of unnecessary suffering. Suffering will always be part of life, but unnecessary suffering, is what is caused by an unhealthy imbalance of too much "mind" and not enough soul. Hanna Ehlers-Bond is a trained psychotherapist, and healing practitioner, and works toward coachi ...

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Inner Critic / Inner Child: How to Sustain Self-Love

  • Categories: Self Growth
  • Thu, 21 March 19 : 6:30pm
  • Therapy Life Centre, Prittlewell Chase, Southend-on-Sea, UK, SS0 0RX ,GB
  • 07532753855

A great deal of our suffering is unnecessary, meaning that it’s not what’s happening, it’s your thou ...Read More...



Healing Evening: Guided Visualisation & Sound

  • Categories: Sound Healing
  • Thu, 21 February 19 : 7:30pm
  • Therapy Life Centre, Prittlewell Chase, Southend-on-Sea, UK, SS0 0RX ,GB
  • 07532753855

The Healing Evenings will be back at the Therapy Life Centre in February!! You're invited to a wonde ...Read More...



You Can Do It! Set Your SMART Goals for 2019

  • Categories: Life Coaching
  • Thu, 17 January 19 : 6:30pm
  • Online Virtual Event, ,GB
  • 07532753855

A dynamic workshop to help you begin the New Year with real purpose. If you are looking for positive ...Read More...



ME/CFS, POTS, Fibro and Hypermobility: Insights to Healing

  • Categories: Health
  • Thu, 6 December 18 : 1:00pm
  • Therapy Life Centre, Prittlewell Chase, Southend-on-Sea, UK, SS0 0RX ,GB
  • 07532753855

This motivational workshop, will be a catalyst for your recovery and healing. Get an inspiring under ...Read More...



October Healing Evening with Guided Visualisation & Sound

  • Categories: Visualisation
  • Thu, 18 October 18 : 7:30pm
  • The Therapy Life Centre, 11 Prittlewell Chase Westcliff on Sea, Essex SS00RX, SS0 0RX ,GB
  • 07532753855

You're invited to a wonderfully relaxing and connective Healing Evening in October. Limited spaces, ...Read More...



Healing Evening with Guided Visualisation, Sound & Gong

  • Categories: Sound Healing
  • Thu, 30 August 18 : 7:30pm
  • Online Virtual Event, ,GB
  • 07532753855

You're invited to the next wonderfully relaxing and connective Healing Evening in August. Limited sp ...Read More...



Healing Evening with Guided Visualisation and Gong Bath

  • Categories: Sound Healing
  • Thu, 26 July 18 : 7:30pm
  • Online Virtual Event, ,GB
  • 07532753855

Your chance to attend a beautifully restorative evening, full of re-connection to yourself. I'm offe ...Read More...



ME/CFS Fibromyalgia, POTS, & Hypermobility - Insights to Healing

  • Categories: Wellbeing
  • Sat, 7 July 18 : 2:00pm
  • Quaker Friends Meeting House, Leigh on Sea, SS9 1NB ,GB
  • 07532753855

This is a four hour workshop in Leigh on sea, discussing some of the following conditions, ME/CFS, F ...Read More...



Healing Evening with Energy Work, Guided Visualisation & Sound

  • Categories: Healing
  • Thu, 21 June 18 : 6:45pm
  • Southend-on-Sea, Westcliff-on-Sea SS0 7RE, UK, SS0 7RE ,GB
  • 07532753855

2 Spaces left This intimate, group meet will offer a chance for you to relax, restore and unwind. T ...Read More...



Inner Worlds - A journey into Visualisation & Sound

  • Categories: Sound Healing
  • Sat, 12 May 18 : 2:00pm
  • Online Virtual Event, ,GB
  • 07532753855

This workshop is designed for you to take multiple inner voyages, and to experience deep states of r ...Read More...

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