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Life Path Inspiration - Services for Transformation, Empowerment & Healing

Westcliff-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom


Self Growth

Services for self-growth, and personal transformation from Hanna Ehlers-Bond.

Life Path Inspiration was formed out of a love for personal development, and an aim to help others move from limiting situations, and places of unnecessary suffering. Suffering will always be part of life, but unnecessary suffering, is what is caused by an unhealthy imbalance of too much "mind" and not enough soul.

Hanna Ehlers-Bond is a trained psychotherapist, and healing practitioner, and works toward coaching others with their connection to the deeper self arising.

She began operating Lightworkers Unite in 2008, which offered a busy practice of one to one work and events and courses, all of a spiritual and psychological nature.

In 2012 Hanna began a journey that was to be the toughest period of her life, little did she know the subsequent previous years, had just been the preparation for what was to be a deep healing phase, which required all her faith, fight, and power to get through, learn and come through the dark chapter, of mental and emotional breakdown, and physical health deterioration. Each step of growth, has aided Hanna with insight to how the mind, and body operates together, well or not, and how to create lasting power over years worth of unawareness, and wounds. This was the chance for her to put her training to the test, and take responsibility for her Path.

Knowing what's possible, this experience has aided her shift, one she loves helping others with.

Join this group, for inspiration, and all the updates on workshops coming up.
No matter what, never give up. Surrender, is a different thing altogether. :)

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Support and Connection for Self Employed Practitioners in Essex

My idea for this forum, is to create a space where self-employed practitioners can have somewhere to connect, network, and share ideas, and get help and support about all the issues, good and bad, that can arise from running your own business. Maybe you are a one man, or women show, or maybe you run a centre or have a team under you. Southend, Leigh on Sea, and all surrounding areas in Essex are welcome. It takes a lot of effort to create, and sustain a successful, caring, or wellbeing based business. and it can sometimes be lonely. When you are the boss, who do you go to for mentoring or support, or just to thrash new ideas about? Maybe you have a good community base for this emphasis, but no doubt, more would be even better. Are you a therapist, yoga teacher, healing practitioner, coach, spiritual worker, wellbeing adviser, workshop leader, alternative health practitioner...and so on? If so join in at this forum. I'd love for us to get to know each other, and share insights on some common themes we may face, regardless of our way of working. Hanna x

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As a self-employed practitioner...who do you go to for business / or client counsel?
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VISIT WEBSITE 07532753855
Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach - I'm a Psychotherapist and Coach - working with a number of healing tools and practices to aid your self-discovery, and personal transformation.
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