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You Can Do It! Set Your SMART Goals for 2019

You Can Do It! Set Your SMART Goals for 2019
A dynamic workshop to help you begin the New Year with real purpose. If you are looking for positive change, and are not sure where to start, or need more motivation, and solid strategies for change, then coming to this mini group journey will put you in the driving seat of your life. This will be a lovely warm group space at the Therapy Life Centre, to share your New Year resolutions and get the energy behind them, so you have the know-how in place to get going. I couldn't be a good coach / therapist, if I hadn't had practice and experience getting myself through something substantial in my life, and I have. In the last seven years, after hitting rock bottom with my health, and experiencing a deep psychological rite of passage, I found myself in a wheelchair, housebound, and pretty much without a life. From this barren land, I grew, and steadily worked my way to a whole new horizon by using inner and outer approaches toward healing and positive change. I'm not only doing what I thought was impossible a few years ago, I am exceeding it! This is why I am so passionate about helping you do the same, because it feels so empowering. It isn't always going to be easy, and some parts can take time, so please, if you think you are a lost cause, or your situation is too impossible, do believe in yourself. There is a phoenix rising in each of us! “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela Goal work doesn’t have to be pushy or critical, it can be loving, fun and easy. This workshop can help you with just a few or many goals as we will look at your life as a whole with some inspirational activities and explorations. I believe in dedication, unwavering spirit, getting the right tools in place, knowing what strategies are required, being SMART in your decision making, having lots of self-love and having fun experimenting, even when things go wrong, or take longer than you expect. I also feel that most of the important change work is done on the inside, so psychology and spiritual development forms the backbone to the more logical goal work. Real transformation comes from deep shifts. However we should be inclusive of ourselves, and both the head-based, logical, and productive side of us, and the abstract, feeling experience and so on. I find that goal work, and coaching does best when it includes both, our male and female qualities ;) Let me help you review your life, give you advice in the group about knowing what is right for you, and lets get your goals down. Let me also counsel you on the potential blocks and how to negotiate difficulties on your path to success. I'd love to help you make 2019 an awesomely productive and empowering year! I use a combination of inner and outer work, so meditations, fun slide show information, group and pair work. This is an intensive workshop. We will cover: Your dreams and passions SMART goals and how to set them The impact of the unconscious and core beliefs on our goals How to handle setbacks, negotiate resistance and where it comes from Your 2019 life areas brainstrom Your list of 2019 goals 2 x Guided Visualisations All activity sheets are provided. The cost is £40 can be paid at the centre's online shop or contact the centre direct to pay with card over the phone, take cash or cheque in: 01702 433959 or call me with any questions. 07532 753855 Find out more about my credentials and work at: /



VISIT WEBSITE 07532753855
Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach
Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach - I'm a Psychotherapist and Coach - working with a number of healing tools and practices to aid your self-discovery, and personal transformation.

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