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Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Module 1

Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Module 1
This is a 4 day work shop run over two weekends via Zoom to help you to learn how to heal yourself and others. The dates included are Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th April and Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th April 2021, running from 10am until approximately 4.30pm on each of the four days.. You will need to attend all 4 days Cosmic Heart is an ever evolving system of energy healing that enables you to channel energy deep into the energy system, so getting to the root cause of the issue you wish to heal. Healing always begins with yourself and Cosmic Heart teaches you the importance of this and the importance of opening your heart. Cosmic Heart helps you to move into a more heart centred way of being and teaches you the importance of unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. It is a very intuitive system of healing that helps you to reconnect with your heart, Soul and Source and to develop your relationship with yourself first of all. This system of healing may also be channelled to facilitate healing for others and for animals. The healing energies are those of pure love and pure light (Source energy) and are channelled through the heart to the hands rather than through the crown and other energy centres to the hands. As I have worked with this system of healing I have been guided to intuit clearings of negative energies for different issues , so that we can understand the true energy system and the complexity of what has happened to it to compress it to lower the vibration. These clearings can then be cleared by holding the correct intention when it is intuited that they need to be done, Cosmic Heart works with Source energy and clears the negativity out of the energy so that it is decompressed, so raising the vibration significantly, as well as opening the heart. It is an experiential workshop run over 4 days via Zoom and is certificated. You will have access to a full manual, the members area of my website where there are many additional materials for you to use to support your learning. You will also be assigned a mentor to give you additional support as well and there are other learning opportunities with weekly healing shares run via Zoom. The Module 1 workshop will give you the foundations for working with Cosmic Heart and for moving on to more advanced healing techniques within the other 3 key modules and healing shares. Those of you who have done other systems of energy work will find that this healing modality will develop your healing skills further and give you much greater insight and understanding into energy healing. and how it can really make a difference to people's health and well-being. The workshop includes; Introduction Learning Objectives/Expectations Message Channelled From Source Re: Healing The Corruption Of The Energy System Learning To Become Heart Centred Where Does Disease Come From Connecting To The Energies Of Cosmic Heart Setting Starting Intention 2020 Spray Beings Of Pure Love And Pure Light The Element Of Air The Soul We All Have A Vibration/Frequency The True Energy System Protection And Grounding Clearing An Environment What To Be Aware Of When Working With Cosmic Heart Traumatic Stressful or Upsetting Current Life Circumstances That Need Clearing Specific Energies You Can Clear By Intention Checking Specific Clearings By Muscle Testing Or Dowsing Self Healing With Cosmic Heart Giving A Cosmic Heart Healing to Someone Else Healing In Pregnancy For Mother And Baby Emotional Shock Body Symbolism And Psychology Healing Share Mentorship Scheme Accessing The Members Area Of The Website What To Do If You Are Struggling With Your Self Healing Investment £350, £100 deposit required on booking. Payment plan options now available.
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