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Identifying and Clearing Limiting Beliefs- Event Postponed

Identifying and Clearing Limiting Beliefs
We all have self-limiting beliefs that stop us from being the limitless beings that we were always intended to be. It is very easy for us to get in the way of ourselves if we let our fears take over. Self limiting beliefs often start or are triggered in childhood in response to difficult/traumatic experiences and can stop us from being our authentic selves and stop us from being ‘on purpose’ Clearing them empowers us to to step forward and be our greatest self. This workshop will explore: What is a self limiting belief? Discussion of common self-limiting beliefs. What your perception is of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. How you think others perceive you. What you feel is your main self limiting belief. Discovering the origin of the self limiting belief in the current life and then identifying the deeper connection. Clearing the self limiting belief by finding the root cause of it and healing it. Affirmations to help empower you to be your greatest self. Healing for the world relating to issues affecting peoples self-worth. These workshops are always interactive and include group work and meditations to discover the root cause of the issue and then healing meditations to help to heal/clear the negative energies causing the issues. We are back at Box End Park for the day and the investment is £60 which includes lunch and refreshments.
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