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Healing Evening - Visualisation, Energy Work & Sound

Healing Evening - Visualisation, Energy Work & Sound
This intimate, group meet will offer a chance for you to relax, restore and unwind. There will be an intuitive energy healing activity, along with a guided visualisation journey, ending with a sound healing experience for you to sit back and immerse yourself in. I use seven chakra crystal singing bowls, and the nine Solfeggio attuned pipes for the most vibrant, and restoring sound download. This group evening is open to those who feel drawn. If you would like to talk to me personally then call me: 07532 753855 Details: Thursday 7th December at 6.45pm - 9.30pm. Westcliff on Sea, Essex. In this session, I will guide you to perform, and recieve a deep energy healing activity, using inner sight and intuition. The guided visualisation will take you on a relaxing inner journey, to a place filled with expanse, healing states and empowered feelings. This will be a grounded, sensitive, journey with a space for connecting with your deeper self and the symbols which arise. The evening is held in Westcliff on Sea, overlooking the seafront in my home. The cost is £20 per person. This evening is limited to 8 spaces, and will be first come first serve. Please email me with your desire to book a space, or give me a call with your enquiries: 07532 753855. Confirmation, and full address etc, is sent via email. A little about me: I am a trained Psychotherapist and work as a coach and healing practitioner. I have a Master of Arts in Psychotherapy and Healing Practices, along with a diploma in Jungian Holistic Practices. I am a member of the BACP and am a fully accredited member of The Healing Trust, and trained with the late Martin Brofman, under the "Body Mirror System". Equally I trained with Tom Kenyon, in the area of Sound Healing and Psycho-acoustic Therapy. I have been leading individuals and groups, through very deep, intuitively channeled guided visualisations for many years, and it never ceases to amaze me, where we end up, what we see, and feel, and how much healing can be gained from these soul connected journeys. The inner landscape has far greater wisdom than our conscious minds can muster. If you want to find out more about my work and credentials, then feel free to visit my website. I potentially look forward to journeying with you for this evening of self-development and healing if it’s something that resonates with you. I take any development, and healing work seriously, so please feel rest assured that you will be in a safe / confidential space whilst journeying with others. With great warmth and thanks, Hanna Ehlers-Bond



VISIT WEBSITE 07532753855
Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach
Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach - I'm a Psychotherapist and Coach - working with a number of healing tools and practices to aid your self-discovery, and personal transformation.

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