Wholeness & The Shadow: Doorway to the True Self

Wholeness & The Shadow: Doorway to the True Self
A Dynamic Event to get you inspired, stirred up, and feeling good about your path. There will be a talk from me, about what use crisis, challenge, and suffering has, how it can be an aid to our transformation. As Carl Jung said: "Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering." It will be both real, yet uplifting. This is a place for you to be genuine, and honest, whilst traversing the spiritual and psycholigical boardwalks of learning from life and growing. Some of the things this afternoon journey will help you with is: Knowing how to use your challenging, and seemingly insurmountable situations for positive change, getting yourself out of image, and into authenticity, understanding how damaging the "spiritual ego" can be to your development and how to let go of your rigid ideals and beliefs. Getting motivated toward seeing how you can do so much more than you realise, despite whatever your limiting situation is. Learning about the connection with inner child and inner critic. Hearing about how I kept improving my health after certain diagnosis's, with both an external and internal response. Understanding how to get out of victim mentality and get onto your path. Some insights about how to move through anxiety and depression. Finding your inner love and intense power! Just a little about me and the influence for this first return download: I am a trained Psychotherapist and Healing Practitioner, and largely I work as a coach, and use a number of various tools to help people with whatever they bring. We need labels in life, but as soon as we do, they trap us, what could be more useful for me to offer you, rather than titles, and techniques, is the insights I have gained from what I have been through and how these life experiences have allowed me to work on my own psychology, and connect to self-love, thus helping you do the same. Some background: After being quite "in the flow" of my life, and things looking like there was a steady success, and a decent connection to my spiritual life, including how I helped others with this, in terms of sessions and events, it all changed. This last six year period, has been my toughest challenge, and in a sense has been a place of, breaking down, getting lost, overcoming intense mental suffering, and physical challenges, integrating new ways of being, planting new seeds, and moving further into beautiful stages of rebirth. Just to give you some scope of how far out of the world I was, for two years, I was nearly housebound and was so weak that my husband had to wash my hair for a year, and I was taken out in trips in a wheelchair. Again, this doesn't make me special or courageous, some people experience far worse, however it is what I did and what I learned from having all of my control taken away, well almost. There were times, that I've largely forgotten, where I wanted to end it all. I never thought that a life for me was again possible. However - it is, and I'm in the game of constantly proving to myself that I can "go beyond". In one way, I am now able to life more, physically, emotionally and spiritually, than I ever did before my almightly collapse. I've learned the mind tells lies, and so I don't hang around to listen long enough if I can help it. My passion is to be able to assist you with making the most of this one life you have, by encouraging you to get into the driving seat, and eliminating any unhelpful personal suffering. There is such peace, power, and simple contentment to be had, once you go beyond the mental games. There will be some activities to help you think outside of your box, and a deep guided group visualisation to end. I look forward to sharing with you if you come along.. Just email me at for more info. Alternatively if you want to book now, visit: and select the deposit for this workshop (first item). Once I have your £10 deposit I will send out your confirmation email.



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Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach
Hanna Ehlers-Bond Therapist & Coach - I'm a Psychotherapist and Coach - working with a number of healing tools and practices to aid your self-discovery, and personal transformation.

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