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Cosmic heart Energy Healing Level 1

Cosmic heart Energy Healing Level 1
Two day channelled workshop, teaching you how to heal yourself working with the energies of Cosmic Heart Energy Healing. This system of healing teaches you about Divine Love and the importance of working from the heart with love and compassion and always for the highest good of all concerned. The energy frequencies of this system of healing are much higher than reiki and are what are needed now as we move forward in these exciting times. It is a system of healing that takes healing back to its roots with a simple laying on of hands whilst channelling the energies of Divine Love. Level 1 introduces you to self-healing as well as healing others, working with the angels and air elementals, looks at the chakra system and shadow self and ego, giving you additional insight as to what may need healing. Your Soul blockage will be cleared so that you can connect with these energies easily and there will be plenty of time for practical experience. For more information please go to This workshop is experiential and certificated and you will receive a detailed manual to guide you and whatever support you require after the workshop. The workshop will run from 10am until approx 4.30pm on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September 2017. Investment £150 A £50 deposit is required on booking. Booking can be made on my website



VISIT WEBSITE 07795 901046 (Sarah Hunt)
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