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Doug Buckingham

Chalfont Saint Giles HP8 4SH, UK, HP8 4SQ

Authors : Cognitive / Mind Therapists : Healing : Holistic Therapists : Spiritual Therapists : Mindfulness : Sound Therapists

I am a Hypnosis and Regression Practitioner and Trainer, and Sound Healer. I run courses, workshops and events in the UK and overseas, and I also have a private practice in Buckinghamshire in the UK, with 1-2-1 clients coming mainly from London, many parts of the UK and often from overseas.

I offer solutions in the form of training courses, workshops, talks and products in Hypnosis, Regression & Sound healing and I also work with a variety of additional energy management techniques for the Mind, Body & Soul including crystal healing, space clearing, spirit release, personal energy management and Reiki.

Over the past twelve years in practice, I have worked thousands of clients with a variety of different issues. My speciality though is relationships, whether that is how your relationships are not working, & the accompanying emotions/thoughts/behaviours, or whether it is the absence of a relationship. I also work with many clients for their relationship to abundance (money) and the resulting issues.

From a hypnosis perspective, I specialise in Phobia, Anxiety and Stopping Smoking

I also have an App “Hypnosis for Transformation” available at the App Store and on Google Play, and I am the author of a sensational book called “Gifts for Your Soul

DougBuckingham - Hello, I'm Doug and I am passionate about how we can create our lives from the inside out and in general the world of energy medicine.
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