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‘Choir of Angels’ from the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’

Hello, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Fifteen.
This week we will be talking about ‘Choir of Angels’ from the album ’Vibrations from Heaven’.

‘Vibrations from Heaven’

All of the music that we Compose and Produce works perfectly with the Chakra System, and it was the album ‘Vibrations from Heaven’ that was compiled to work perfectly with the Heart Chakra. The heart felt melodic line of each individual piece of music, alongside the gentle vibrations that each individual track brings, not only assists with the release of all pent up emotions, but in turn helps the healing process to begin.
Inspiration for ‘Choir of Angels’

The inspiration for each individual piece of music can come in many different ways, and once again ‘Choir of Angels’ was no different. As i always say it is very often the simplest of things that can be inspiring, or it can simply materialise and name itself once it has been created. This particular piece of music transpired with the knowing that not only was there great angelic assistance at hand, but in all of its enormity.

The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra can be a very complex area to assist with, especially when very often it involves the release of sometimes many past emotional issues. As Gary would say as a trained therapist for many years, sometimes even though we may not necessarily understand why we feel the way that we do, it is only through the healing process, and eventually coming out of the other side, that we begin to fully appreciate the benefits that healing can assist us with.

Angelic Vibrations

All of the music that we Compose and Produce has an angelic presence that surrounds each and every individual piece of music that we create. This in itself will not only assist us to feel very light and trouble free, but it will help to create a space in any one day, that from time to time we may all feel that we very much need. So whatever our thoughts may or may not be where angels and angelic assistance may be concerned, Gary’s own work, while using our music as the perfect back drop, has not only helped to assist many many people, but from all walks of life, and with sometimes very complex conditions.


Energy surrounds us all in our everyday lives, even though we may not necessarily be aware of it, or sometimes even understand it. So if you ever walk into a room and something doesn’t feel quite right, or perhaps quite the opposite is the case, and the only way to explain it is that ‘all is well ! then this is probably the energy that you are picking up at that time. We all give off our own individual energy at any one time, and depending on what we may be going through will depend on what kind of energy we may be emitting out into the world.

All in a Days Work

Because Gary works with angelic energy on a daily basis, whether it is in his own Healing Practice, or with his individual Consultations, as he would say ‘it’s all in a days work ! This just simply means that working with energy is a very normal part of every day life for himself, which not only enables him to use his abilities to assist with his work, but to their full potential.

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the track ‘Enchanted Wood’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’.

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Fri, 1 February 19 : 11:02 : Jane Armes

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    Global Records & Productions Ltd - Beautiful Relaxing Classical Music

    Norwich, UK

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