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The Magical Essence of ‘Starlight’

Hello again, and welcome back to our blog page, Blog Eleven.

This week we will be talking about one of our most well loved tracks ‘Starlight’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’, and how we captured it’s essence.

Like with all of our individual pieces of music that we Compose and Produce ‘Starlight’ once again just seemed to appear out of nowhere, or should i say it was just plucked out of the sky. Looking up on a clear night at the truly amazing, and extremely polished stars that were glistening back, was more than enough inspiration for this next track. It was almost more than just the view, it was the complete silence that came with that view that allowed the simplicity of the melody to begin to flow. All instruments have their own beauty, but it was the clear, raw and unblemished sound of the Acoustic Guitar that lent itself perfectly to this piece of music as the melody began to materialise and flow.

Simplicity Itself

People often ask me what is the best approach when beginning to write a piece of music, and as i always say ‘simplicity itself’ is the key. It is not the complexities of extremely difficult combinations that can create a masterpiece, as the music will speak for itself. It is always for me simplicity, the unblemished and pureness that holds the most beauty with everything in life. The simple white daisy, the single drop of rain or just one pure white feather that holds the most beauty, and capturing this in any piece of music for me is what creates that magical essence.

A Fresh New Journey

One of the most common pieces of feedback that we received is that all of our individual pieces of music always take you on a fresh, new journey each and every time you listen. The reason for this is because all of our music is composed to work perfectly with the Chakra System, and in doing so it works with any individual on a unique and very personnel level. So if you find yourself experiencing something very different every time our music is played, not only can this be refreshing, but it will assist you to truly escape each and every time you listen.

Relaxation and it’s Rewards

As we all know a change is as good as a rest, so trying to incorporate the relaxation process into our every day lives will not only do wonders for our physical health but for our emotional well being too. It can be extremely difficult sometimes to do nothing at all, but if we are able to get into the habit of having some me time, the rewards can be endless. It is not always what we do in life that can make the difference, but what we don’t do, and being taught from a young age that it is ok to create some time for ourselves is what will make the rewards not only endless, but far richer in the end.

The Balance

The combination of our individual professions is really what creates the unique balance of what we do, and as with all of our music ‘Starlight’ once again was very much a little piece of both of us. Studying music all of my life has given me the platform and knowledge to Compose, but it is also Gary’s vast knowledge in the Healing world when combined with our music that has managed to take everything to a whole new level. Once a track is Composed and recorded by myself it is Gary that creates that ‘little piece of sparkle’ that always brings everything to life, and being the Producer to all of our music it is also that natural flare, ability and knowledge, as well as having a wonderful and natural ear that helps everything shine each and every time.

I’ve just got that feeling

Instinct plays a big part in all of our lives, but where our music is concerned it is that feeling of where an individual piece of music is taking us that is extremely rewarding to see unfold. So as with all of our music ‘Starlight’ once again took us on a whole new journey all of it’s very own, and in doing so helped us to create that magical ingredient for people to appreciate, each and every time they listen!

Catch up with us next time when we will be talking about the track ‘Paper Angels’ from the album ‘Summer Breeze’.

View 'Summer Breeze" album here:

Speak soon, and please feel free to share our blog.

Mon, 3 December 18 : 11:12 : Jane Armes

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