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Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors

Discover Your Magic Training for Healers & Mentors
Please watch my video for further details An inspirational 12-month programme to prepare you to become a highly skilled professional healer and mentor ready to serve humanity during this time of rapid awakening. Positive mental and emotional health will become a major priority from 2021. With so many changes taking place at this time, individuals, groups and organisations will begin to rely upon highly experienced and skilled professionals in the healing arts. Do you have a strong desire to help others enjoy better health and wellbeing? This one-year programme will provide all the tools and experience you need. With over two hundred hours of training included in the basic programme, it represents an incredible opportunity. It will put you firmly on the path to manifesting a profitable stream of income and really making a difference to the lives of so many. Discover Your Magic combines a variety of healing modalities including Angelic Reiki and my own system of Vibrational Medicine, known as Energy Harmonisation. Please email [email protected] for details about this programme and what it involves, I will send you an information pack and application form. This programme will transform your purpose in so many ways, enabling you to: • Recognise your gifts and skills and be able to attract and serve an audience that is ready and willing to work with you. • Feel confident and clear about what you will be delivering. • Understand your core needs so you can fully align with your personal values. • Receive dedicated support from all levels. • Discover the innate talents you have within you. • Experience expansion and a greater sense of freedom. In this inspirational 12-month programme you will: • Develop skills in a wide variety of modalities to include Energy Healing, Crystal Therapy, Vibrational Medicine, Meditation, Colour Therapy, Animal Healing, Space Clearing and Creative Feng Shui. • Create a safe space for yourself and others, to expand your awareness and your healing abilities in a variety of ways. • Learn how to work with the angelic realm, spiritual masters and galactic healing teams. • Connect to and become clear channels for wisdom and guidance. • Be able to provide clear readings for others. • Receive specialist training in how to support children, young people and sensitive souls and helping those with additional needs or experiencing major life transitions. • Gain confidence in your ability to manifest. • Learn how to manage the ascension process and symptoms of awakening. • Receive ongoing support to develop highly effective practices, attract fee paying clients and grow successful health and wellbeing businesses. What is included? You will receive dedicated support through: • Monthly weekend workshops at the Koorana Centre, Ardingly • Monthly one-to-one personal mentoring sessions online • Fortnightly online group calls • Monthly access to an established online healing and development group • Interaction with other group members There be in depth learning experiences, practical sharing opportunities and personal study time. You will need to allow at least 3 hours per month in addition to the training, to complete your healing work, your short assignment (500 words) and to write up your notes and experiences. This programme is suited to those who resonate with: • Being an uplifter, visionary, healer and way shower and who know their mission is to help assist others and shift humanity into a higher dimension during this powerful time. • Supporting themselves and others through the process of ascension. • Being ready and willing to commit fully to their personal development and healing practices both for themselves and for others, knowing that the more they elevate themselves the more they can help others do the same. • Having a keen interest in working with the angels, archangels and galactic healing teams with high vibrational frequencies. • Being willing to learn about healing energies and potentially work with people of all ages and from all different backgrounds, including animals and nature, land and spaces. • Having a strong interest in supporting highly sensitive people (HSPs) and empaths and the younger generation. • Wanting to experience deep and profound transformation. • Using curiosity and intention to develop a positive and healthy way of life in conscious ways, to pursue their calling, do what they love and see tangible results. • Being ready to enjoy a level of freedom and expansion on both personal and professional levels. • Fulfilling their desire to be of service and a bridge to the new world and the Golden Age approaching. This course is suitable for anyone of any age, complete beginners, or those with some experience. The main requirement is that you feel drawn to making a real difference in this world during this time of transformation and you are willing to be of service to Spirit.
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Gabrielle Anya Rafello
Gabrielle Anya Rafello - Visionary writer, mentor, workshop facilitator and specialist in vibrational medicine

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