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Gabrielle Anya Rafello

The Koorana Centre, Street Lane, Ardingly



As a specialist in Vibrational Medicine I facilitate a variety of transformative personal development programmes for a growing audience in the UK and other parts of the world. I am based at the Koorana Centre, Ardingly, a magical healing and teaching space which I established in 2012.

My 'Discover Your Magic' 12 month programme offers dedicated training for those who wish to become professional healers and mentors. It combines the powerful system of Angelic Reiki with vibrational medicine techniques and offers a wide range of tools and techniques that students can use to serve their audience and establish their practice.

Energy Harmonisation is a system I have channelled and now teach both online and in person. It combines colour therapy, dowsing and divination, creative and crystal therapies, a variety of healing modalities plus Feng Shui, to send powerful Light codes of energy to raise frequencies for people, animals and spaces.

I am passionate about creating spaces where sensitive people can thrive and feel very much guided to support families and the younger generation. The Koorana Centre in Sussex is a wellbeing centre offering classes, workshops, training and therapies that transform physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 'Koorana' is an aboriginal term which means to bring forward the children, and I feel very inspired to support the needs of sensitive Starseeds. The Koorana Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation which I lead, that aims to support parents, carers and teachers with a range of services including free online resources and access to holistic support and one-to-one therapies.

As a writer I have also published articles in a number of magazines..

For more details about my programmes please email [email protected], visit my website or the Koorana Centre website

VISIT WEBSITE 07913724183


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Gabrielle Anya Rafello

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VISIT WEBSITE 07913724183
Gabrielle Anya Rafello - Visionary writer, mentor, workshop facilitator and specialist in vibrational medicine
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