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Seminar About The Soul

Seminar About The Soul
The Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi "About the Soul". Date: 30.03 - 01.04.2020 Location in Central London to be determined The Human Soul is the fundamental truly divine structure of one's personality and it is essential to deepen the knowledge about its use in daily life for a more harmonious course of events. [email protected] By attending the seminar, you will: - Understand, that the man's Soul is constructed by the one law as the Physical Body of the one God. - Learn how to find and use the point of not destroying the human body in its own Consciousness. - Get to know, how and why the soul, as a structure, is acting on physical matter through the Spirit. - Recognize the possibility of man's influence on the structure of his Soul through the development of Consciousness of external objects of reality. - Acknowledge the Soul as an instrument for the development of the World, which simultaneously develops in this same World. - Transfer the knowledge by the Soul of a person to another person. - Learn and apply in practice numerous techniques of restoration and harmonisation of a person by glowing with one's Soul on one's Spirit, Consciousness and the physical body. The material under consideration makes it possible to reach the level when a person working through thinking and viewing his Soul or considering any element of reality as a spiritual element, can get a perfectly accurate control structure of his actions. And this control has more levels for further development, as it goes beyond the controlling as such. It becomes the essence of the World and the truth of the World.
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