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Breaking Patterns, Programmes and Traits to Heal the Family

Breaking Patterns, Programmes and Traits to Heal the Family
Families carry a lot of karma that needs to be addressed and healed, which is why we have these relationships. The majority of families are dysfunctional because there have been many lives that have been experienced together where there has been trauma that hasn’t been properly healed. We often end up repeating the same lessons over and over again which creates ingrained patterns, programmes and traits in us. These are then passed from one generation to the next and so they become learned behaviours . Identifying and healing these patterns, programmes and traits, not only helps you and your family in this life on your healing path but also helps all those who have gone before you and all those who will follow. This workshop will explore: Understanding patterns, programmes and traits. Identifying the traits, patterns and programmes within your family. Visit past lives to find out where they originate from and heal them. Understand what ancestral and blood lines are. Heal ancestral and blood lines for the family. Identifying mirror images relating to you and another family member Clearing and rebalancing family dynamics. Soul groups and their influence on the family. Healing the Soul group. Healing work for the Earth that relates to families. The workshop is being held at Marston Vale Forest Centre in Bedfordshire, so that we can also connect with the energies of nature. All attendees will be given access to the members area of my website after the workshop where they will be able to make use of all the materials and meditations used on the day. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. The investment for the day is £60
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