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Manifesting From a Place of Love

Manifesting From a Place of Love
There is a big energetic shift happening on Earth which is moving people to a more heart centred way of being. As we move through this shift we will find that the old ways of doing things will not work so if we want a happy abundant life then we need to open our heart centres, connect with our Souls on a deep level and do what makes us feel happy and makes our Soul sing. We are creators of our own life experiences and can manifest anything that we want This workshop will explore: What is money and why do so many people experience a lack of it? Why do people always want a new car, more clothes, a bigger house, the latest gadgets? What’s really missing? Am I in a place of lack and if so what do I need to do about it? We will be using the Wheel of Life to help us to see where the areas of lack are. What is true abundance? How can past life experiences affect the current situation? The key to creating the life you desire, working from the heart and gratitude. Tools to assist you with creating abundance – affirmations, vision board, how family and friends can help us. Healing the Earth to assist with creating abundance for everyone.
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