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Body Scanning, Gestalt & Remote Viewing Workshop What’s involved? Attendees will learn how to understand an animal’s physicality on a deeper level. Practice the technique of body scanning an animal from the outside in order to detect areas of imbalance. Then practice the gestalt method and learn to move your consciousness inside an animal’s body to explore physical concerns. In the afternoon participants will practice a more advanced method of moving their consciousness to another location (non-local reality) to ‘view’ an area remotely which is important when tracking missing animals. Students will be given an opportunity to put all of these skills into verified practice. Subjects included: Explore and practicing body scanning another student Understand how to move your consciousness inside an animal to internally scan Practice body scanning and gestalt with an animal teacher Explore remote viewing and how it is used along with gestalt when tracking missing animals Practice remote viewing and receive verification Practice remote viewing a non-local situation and gather information This is for you if: You wish to add more skills to your ‘tool kit’. You are open to exploring challenging skills that will stretch you. You wish to understand how animals feel physically. You want to know how remote viewing can aid tracking lost animals. You are confident in basic communication skills and feel ready to explore more difficult areas of animal communication. The key benefits of this day: You will learn how to scan an animals physical energy. You will learn how to tune into any areas of physical imbalance. You will practice energy merging to reveal further physical concerns. You will learn how to remotely sense non-local information. You will practice the tools used to track missing animals. To learn more & book, click the website link:
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