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Introduction To Animal Communication Workshop Weekend, TAUNTON

Introduction To Animal Communication Workshop Weekend Suitable for complete beginners and those looking to deepen their animal communication skills through verified practice and Pea's guidance. Day 1: The Introduction to Animal Communication What’s involved? Participant’s will learn the basic theories of animal communication, otherwise known as interspecies telepathic communication, providing you with the foundation level of communication with animals with which you can then practice communicating with your own animal’s at home and those of your friends. Subjects included: Explanation of the what, why and how of animal communication Exploration of how you will receive information from animals Exercises on how to relax the body and mind Learn how to sense energy Meditation to strengthen the right brain hemisphere to intuition Learn how to ‘listen’ with the heart using the Heart-to-Heart technique Send and receive information telepathically Communicate with animals who are present ‘face to face’ Practice communicating distantly with an animal using a photo Receive answers about your animal from another student The Key Benefits of This Day: You will learn the ‘how’ of communicating with animals. You will discover your core sensing strength. You will practice communicating with animals in a safe environment. You will have your communication impressions verified. You will receive expert guidance and support from Pea Horsley. Day 2: Practice and Development Day What’s Involved? Today is devoted to practice with real visiting animal guest-teachers and also with your own animals through photographs of them. Pea will also encourage you to release any self doubt or barriers to authentic telepathic communication with animals through tried and tested exercises and meditations. You will communicate with other particpant’s animals through a photo and receive communications about your own animals from your student colleagues. Every communication will be verified to enable you to monitor your growth. The key to animal communication is practice, practice, practice and that is the experience this day gifts to you. Subjects included: Learn how to word questions to animals. Experience how to share communications for the benefit of friends. Understanding your individual skill set and how to develop further. Exercises to bring awareness to your trust/control persona. Meditations to deepen your intuition and remove self doubt The key benefits of this day: You will gain practice with in-person animal teachers. You will gain practice communicating with animals via photo. You will experience exercises to help you relax and trust. You will be taken on guided meditations to deepen your intuition. You will leave feeling much more confident about your ability.
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