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Sublime Sound Journey The energy, frequencies and vibrations of sound create relaxation of your mind, body and spirit to rejuvenate and balance your whole being. Imagine yourself as an instrument, and just like a guitar or piano, we need regular tuning to be in harmony with ourselves. It is said that you will receive just what you need from the gongs. What I offer is primarily a 'gong bath' - so called because you are completely immersed and bathed in the sounds of the gong. I have several Himalayan singing bowls and crystal bowls that complement the sounds of the gong beautifully and some other percussion instruments that like to be played too. The idea is that you get comfortable in a lying or seated position and allow the sounds to wash over and within you. The sounds are received by you in two ways - through hearing the sound and by feeling the vibrations of the sound waves through your whole body. Water and bone are very good conductors of sound and since our bodies contain 70% water sounds resonates extremely well. Sound is a powerful yet also subtle way of bringing about balance and healing as the frequencies of the brain waves are naturally lowered taking you into a deeply relaxed state of being. The complexity of the sounds and harmonics produced by the symphonic gong enables the busy, analytical mind to finally give up and let go. Each time you have a gong bath you will find that you will experience it in different ways as the gongs have the ability to enable shifts within to give you what you need. Some people may go on a journey and experience visions, colours or sensations, for others a sense of deep calm and for others a well needed rest. It is said that the gong gives you exactly what you need. All you have to do is to be open and willing to receive the healing that the sounds of the gong offers you. Bring something comfy to lie on such as a yoga mat and a blanket and pillow for your comfort. Car parking available.
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