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David McCready

About David McCready

David McCready Founder of the Inspiration Store.

David has a background in structural engineering and a lifetime interest in the invisible forces that drive the human world. Approximately 20 years ago David began working as a psychic and clairvoyant. It soon became apparent to him that being able to see into people's lives and future was not of itself sufficiently rewarding. He felt a strong motivation to help people make their lives altogether better and more exciting. It also became apparent that one of the principle sources of inspiration was other people higher-selves.


Astral Projection Made Easy - New Book Launch 5th Mar 2020 - Watkins Books, London

Mon, 10 February 20 : 9:02 : London E14 9DQ, UK GB
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Great Simulator - Advanced Astral Projection Training

EXPERT Spiritual Development Training Take Control Of Your Destiny Facts: What you will generally perceive as you (the human being) is an amazingly real engineered experience full of compelling dramas and adventures. Human destiny is controlled by forces created by the real and higher version of you. Making significant changes to your Earth life requires discovering what the real you wanted to experience. This can only be done if you have access to the Astral World where these cr ...

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Astral Projection Made Easy - New Book Launch 5th Mar 2020 - Watkins Books, London

  • Categories: Astral Projection
  • Thu, 5 March 20 : 6:30pm
  • Watkins Books, Cecil Court, London, UK, WC2N 4EZ ,GB

Many people want to explore the astral world, and most encounter a lot of difficulty doing so. David ...Read More...

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