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Astral Projection Made Easy - New Book Launch 5th Mar 2020 - Watkins Books, London

Many people want to explore the astral world, and most encounter a lot of difficulty doing so. David McCready will be explaining the practicalities of making astral projection easy. After all, it’s a natural skill anyone can use. The earthly world you are experiencing is really an ingenious illusion. It’s a simulation of an idea or experiment. It’s a kind of matrix in which you can live out the experience of a life on Earth - were such a place actually real. The main difficulties most people have with astral projection is that they barely know what they are doing. It’s often attempted whilst your body might be half asleep, or under the influence of drugs. Added to this will be inevitable beginners’ mistakes that, if uncorrected, make astral projection very difficult. Anyone can experience astral projection or out of body consciousness by simply reprogramming the human mind. It turns out that you naturally have out of body awareness. However, to begin with, your human mind is programmed to mostly stop you enjoying this ability. So rather than having to install some new ability in your mind, this is substantially an exercise in turning off a self-limitation. The Great Simulator Parts 1 and 2 has been one of Watkins most popular self-published books, spending a period at No 1 on the Watkins Top 10 bookshelf. Where the first book explains the basics of how the illusion you are experiencing is created and how you can verify this for yourself, Part 3 of the book (launching now) concerns how to make astral projection easy. By this means you can properly explore the greater reality of where you actually are, for yourself. In the process you can visit other more advanced worlds, and meet forgotten friends who really want to assist you with the current lifetime you are experiencing. This talk will be dealing with how astral projection actually operates, getting past the common mistakes, then using this natural skill to help implement useful practical improvements to the life you are presently experiencing. David looks forward to meeting you and answering your questions. See you at Watkins Books! Thursday, March 5, 2020 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM Watkins Books 19-21 Cecil Ct · London
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