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Wonderful World of Wellbeing

Leeds, United Kingdom



The Wonderful World of Wellbeing is the next exciting chapter in my constantly evolving journey as a healer and spiritual development practitioner. Some of the work I share with clients in my practice is; ‘Change your mind – Change your Life’ and mindfulness mediation . I am also a Usui Reiki Master, and energy worker. I am devoted to helping people remove limiting beliefs and ‘find their voice’ to enable them to change their life in positive ways and learn how to heal themselves.

Recently I returned to the UK after spending many wonderful and inspiring years in my ‘soul place’, Western Australia as well as experiencing life in the Eastern States too. During that time, I experienced phenomenal personal growth, both professionally and personally, including founding and growing the first healing candle business in Australia, overcoming a significant physical health condition, and in doing so, finding my own voice and encouraging other people to learn to do the same.

Australia was also the birthplace of my global retreat programme which offers private and group retreat opportunities tailored to ensure every participant maximises their personal aspirations from the experience. I believe strongly that everyone should incorporate the concept of ‘going on retreat’ into their everyday lives and experience the healing that comes from it. Going on retreat can take many forms and introducing wellbeing into our lives can be done on any scale from a couple of hours to several weeks – but the benefits are life changing.

Being a business woman is an absolute pleasure of mine. I started my first business when I was just 19 years old. I thrive on a challenge, but recognise the importance of taking time out to relax and care for myself too – the Wonderful World of Wellbeing is a perfect combination for me!

To this festival I bring my extensive knowledge of wellbeing, combined with years of event management experience and I look forward to giving the people of West Yorkshire (and beyond) the opportunity to create exciting and life enhancing memories and wellbeing education that will positively impact their lives in the future.

Diane Mitchell

VISIT WEBSITE 07522 760 068

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  • 12th Oct 2017
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VISIT WEBSITE 07522 760 068

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