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Soul Medicine Festival

The Haybarn Wedding Venue, Wall under Heywood, Church Stretton, UK



What you can look forward to at the festival:
Live Music: All of our events feature soulful live music. We believe music, singing and dance are medicine in their own right and have an important role to play in our overall wellbeing. Soul Medicine Festival tries to infuse various styles and cultures into our music lineups
Yoga, Meditation & Other Holistic Classes: Our events include a full-day program of yoga, meditation and other holistic health workshops; all of which are included in your ticket fee
Inspiring Talks: Listen to our speakers on a range of topics including psychology, consciousness, nutrition and holistic health. All our talks are free as part of your ticket fee
Cacao: We love to make ceremonial cacao a key feature of our events. Cacao is a powerful medicine with a long history in Central & South America. It has been used as a medicine, food, and an important part of rituals
Sound Baths: As Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Sound and vibration play a huge role in the health and wellness of the human body. We incorporate sound baths into all of our events
Delicious & Nutritious Food: Food is medicine. Having health-conscious food vendors is an important part of our events as a wellbeing festival. As you all know, healthy food is incredibly tasty when done right
Alcohol-Free: All of our events are alcohol-free. We try to offer a range of healthy alternatives including cacao, tea, smoothies, and alcohol-free beers for those who love the taste.
Therapies: Holistic therapies such as reiki, massage and other forms of energy healing are available at our festivals (Additional costs for these services)
Ethical Goods: From clothing to cosmetics, we’ll have a wide range of fabulous ethical goods from a range of conscious independent businesses
Charities & Good Causes: Have chats with passionate charity representatives and find out more about the incredible work they’re doing

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Soul Medicine Festival

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  • 24th Mar 2023
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VISIT WEBSITE 07427515025

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