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Astrology Consult

Greater Manchester, UK



The Wisdom of Astrology is invaluable on so many levels, particularly now, in these times of chaos.

A fascinating, colourful, ancient, art and science Astrology is coming into it's own, fully! As we transition from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius, an enormous wave of spiritual energy is being poured into our world. Humanity’s level of awareness is moving into Soul consciousness challenging us to change and adapt to a new way of being. We have to learn to understand our lives now from the point of love within our hearts, love for ourselves and love for all living things. Astrology gives insight into this experience, helping tremendously to see things from a different perspective, providing a good, solid, structure against which to translate what is happening both collectively and individually.

Never before has the aphorism AS ABOVE - SO BELOW, AS WITHIN - SO WITHOUT been more pertinent as we are forced being forced to recognise how vital our personal connection is to the whole of life, to all living things.

If you feel 'stuck' in your life and need to move forward a Natal Chart Reading may be immensely enlightening. A personal horoscope reading explores your personal environment, providing an exceptional guide to life and is absolutely comprehensive. The birth chart is essentially a map which reveals individual blueprints, much like a signature or fingerprint, each one a unique design. Used as a tool, Astrology uncovers the true potential of an individual, cutting to the core of the soul. There is usually a general theme, or thread, that runs through the chart which reveals our repeated patterns of behaviour that often trap us and leave us feeling powerless. Discovering this thread may be surprising and is often very liberating.

Like everything else, Astrology evolves and is moving away from personality centered (mundane) astrology towards Esoteric, or Soul-centered astrology, which is based upon knowledge of the Seven Rays of Creative Energy or Light. Esoteric Astrology is the 2nd level of astrological interpretation given to humanity, providing an explanation for what is known as Soul infusion, or Ascension. There is a third level of astrology (Spiritual Astrology) and more information on this will be given to humanity at the appropriate time. I like to think of Esoteric Astrology as Heart Centered Astrology. We have conquered the world of intellect. Now we are required to ignite the flame of love within our hearts and grow this light, giving back to the universe through our individual, unique creative talents.

My readings combine mundane and soul centered perspectives, depending upon individual needs. I offer Astrology and Intuitive Readings over video call, in person, or in writing. Accurate, sensitive, valuable information and guidance delivered with absolute integrity, an Astrology consultation will surely make a positive difference in your life. Become more confident about making the right decisions and feel empowered to start living a life which reflects, more completely, your true self.

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Astrology Consult

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  • 30th Oct 2020
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VISIT WEBSITE 07951749365

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