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Psychic Arts Spirit Portraits

London, United Kingdom


Mediumship / Psychic

Thank you for visiting my page. I hope it provides you with an insight to Spirit Portraits and the understanding of Mediumship. My work is simply to facilitate with other light-workers to bring awareness of LIFE after LIFE, to promote self-healing, clarity, hope and upliftment to all that now seek their spiritual awakening.

About me

I am a Spiritualist, loud and proud lol. I believe in the afterlife, I believe that as spirit we are forever evolving and the experience we chose to embrace whilst living a physical experience is of our own personal responsibility of how we wish it to be. I believe, in order to be happy one must take pride in he fact that we MADE IT... to be here, alive in a world of matter, how amazing?

I am a Psychic Artist, Medium and Spirit taught, Spirit Artist. Not everyone can afford to study or take time off to study at various courses around the country. so it's my mission that anything I learn plus with my personal experiences and spirit taught exercises goes directly into my teaching. I have studied mediumship in various colleges around the UK, but my main two areas of training was developed under Tony Stockwell's mentorship scheme whereas previously my main (and continued development) is at a LEADING development college in Essex (AFC).

I enjoy it so much there that just recently I went 13 times in one year!! I'm affliated with the SNU, and completing their education programme went onto to gain my CSNU level (Certicate holder of the SNU) both for Speaking to an Audience and Demonstrating Mediumship from the Platform.

In 2014, I was also one of the 4 winners of the Gordon Higginson Mediumship Scholarship and no matter what, I'll always be continuing the development of my mediumship and you never know I could be sitting next to you at your next mediumship workshop!!

Spirit Art

My spirit art (not psychic art) is totally self-taught and with direct tuition from my Spirit team. I sit regularly with spirit who help me to learn as I've never been too art school they are continually helping me to build my skill and I'm very happy with my progression thus far (a few examples below). I have a wide area base of repeat clients which range from UK, USA, France, Australia & Dubai who regularly book me for psychic readings, spirit portraits sittings, future life progression sessions, mediumship sittings or spiritual 1:1 business goal coaching. A bit of a geek, I also love creating websites for people so if interested drop me an email)


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  • 20th Oct 2017
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