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Carmen Martinez Jover - Online PSYCH-K Healing Coach via Skype

Calzada General Mariano Escobedo 353A, Chapultepec Morales, Polanco V Sección, Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico



Carmen is an online PSYCH-K, Infertility Coach & Regression Therapist. Carmen's path started by helping people who, like her, had difficulty conceiving a child. This lead her to publish her autobiography 'I want to have a child, whatever it takes' and six stories for children on all the different forms of conception.

After experiencing the power of regression in her own healing journey she was moved to train as a regression therapist to help others in the same way. She then became a PSYCH-K facilitator which empower people to their own heal and wellbeing and tailoring the techniques used to the client's situation and needs.

I offer online PSYCH-K sessions over Skype anywhere in the world. Please contact me or visit my website for details.

"In the past Christmas, without a baby,was the saddest thing in the world I had been trying to be a mom for almost 6 years and the doctors could not explain the negative results. I had several negative IVF attempts and lost 2. I had tired everything from massages to detox, whatever I heard could help me get pregnant but nothing worked. I was completely torn apart and I felt so hopeless (I was already considering that I was never going to be a mom), someone told me about Carmen and did not hesitate to contact her, it was the only thing I had not done already. I started my sessions with Carmen, and I realized that I had many UNIDENTIFIED fears, because I did not know they were there, about being a mom, Carmen helped me identify them and eliminate them with a technique called PSYCH-K. My sessions began just before a treatment, Carmen helped me even to regain confidence in my doctors. It was the first time, in which I arrived at the operating theatre ready for my transfer feeling mentally relaxed, safe and peaceful that this treatment was going to be positive. I trusted my body, because there was no hidden fear anymore. Everything was ready inside me (I felt completely different, I do not know how to explain it but that's how it was). Carmen accompanied me before my treatment, during my treatment and during my pregnancy, because yes! ... IT WAS POSITIVE! And not only did I get a positive beta, now I have a 2 months and half baby and I feel like the luckiest woman on this planet! Carmen was a great partner in this process. I will always be grateful for her helping me, even during the fears that were later unleashed during the pregnancy. I infinitely thank you Carmen, I told you then and I will always tell you.💙 " -- R.B.S.

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Carmen Martinez Jover - Online PSYCH-K Coach

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  • 10th May 2019
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VISIT WEBSITE +5215545227279
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