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Jen Brightlight a certified Pathogen Whisperer - Pathogen Balance

London, UK


Pathogen Whispering is a natural energy healing technique which detects and tackles the root causes of unwellness and imbalances. We tune in to the resonances of pathogens which can be identified energetically and defused by neutralising their energy. Defused resonances of pathogens can no longer create dis-ease, balance is restored, you heal.

At Pathogen Balance we are only considering energies. Knowing all is energy and has an energy signature, we can tune in to these energy signatures which can be detected using an ancient technique called Radiesthesia also known as dowsing.
We can tune in to the energetic resonances of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites or toxins such as heavy metals or chemicals. Once tuned in and identified these resonances can be lifted, assisting to restore balance.

VISIT WEBSITE +447858349074


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