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Orini Quantum Healing

Milton Keynes, UK


We are Adrian and Len, QHHT and BQH practitioners from Milton Keynes.
We offer 2 Hypnotherapy modalities:
This will include a 4 hour session with:
- A past life regression
- Understanding karmic debts that we accumulated in previous lives
- Understanding the soul contracts being played out in the current life
- Healing as/when required provided by YOUR Higher Self
- Direct communication with your Higher Self. The session is recorded and you receive an mp3 file
Please visit our website for our contact and more details about how we can help you.
We look forward to working with you

VISIT WEBSITE 07485033508

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Orini Quantum Healing

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  • 9th Aug 2021
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VISIT WEBSITE 07485033508
Len VANDENBERG - We are QHHT Hypnotherapy practitioners, helping people find their purpose through Higher Self connections
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