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Numerology readings by Richard Linden

Edgware, UK



Having a Numerology reading can make a big difference to your life!

A professional Numerology reading with me will be personalised just for you, to give you insights on:
- Your main life lessons and challenges
- The ideal job/career for you
- Improving your love life and personal relationships
- Your strengths and weaknesses
- Karmic debts and how to overcome them

Numerology is a spiritual reading that demonstrates the true magic behind numbers. Similar to other methods of divination such as Astrology or Tarot, Numerology has the main purpose of helping us to understand ourselves. A Numerology reading is derived from a person’s date of birth and their full name at birth. From this information a full personality reading can be determined and a person’s strengths, weaknesses and talents established. On a deeper level, behavioural patterns, emotional responses, and life’s poignant challenges can be determined.

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Numerology readings by Richard Linden

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  • 25th Oct 2020
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VISIT WEBSITE 07855 839 310

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