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Healing and Support with Carol Fenner from My Inner Self

St Neots, Saint Neots, UK


Spiritual Healing

I use a 7th Dimensional Frequency Healing modality, which can be used one to one or in a group, either by distance or in person. Sessions include feedback on a client's birth chart.

Light, colour, sound, crystals and sacred symbols are channelled into a client's body. This helps to release old patterning and pain, and provide clarity and a feeling of lightness. It is an ascension modality.

All sessions include recorded feedback on what came up in the healing and any further guidance from that.
I use Frequency Healing to clear homes and businesses of stuck energy, and it can also be run on *children over the age of 3 months, and *pets (*reduced fee).

I use kinesiology to clear limiting beliefs, fears and stuck emotions in a mentoring session, which includes looking at numerology and also oracle guidance. These sessions are online or can be on the phone.

I have a monthly subscription which gives 50% off individual healing sessions if you commit to the initial minimum 3 month period. It is my belief that regular healing helps people in a variety of ways, and I have committed to this practice myself for at least 12 years. This is why I promote a subscription programme and offer a reduced fee as an incentive to join. This group is called Diamond Heart Hub.

I have a group thread on Telegram and also on Signal. These are messenger services similar to whatsapp. I do not use mainstream social media at present. In the group threads I post offers, positive content and interesting articles.

I also have monthly Womb Blessing ceremonies, on each New Moon. These are offered in a group and so are reduced rate. Womb blessings are a way for a woman to tap into her Goddess energy. Sessions are currently online. This group is called Cosmic Inner Goddess. I also offer Cacao ceremonies.

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Healing and Support with Carol Fenner from My Inner Self

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