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Moonstone Healing

Burgage Court, Burgage Lane, Ware, UK


Spiritual Development

New Spiritual Group starting in Ware on Monday 10th September at 7pm.

12 week course for those new to spirituality or wanting to find out more about their spiritual side.

Week 1 - The Chakra System. How the Chakras relate to a healthy system and healing. *
Week 2 - Crystals. Where and how they can be used in healing.*
Week 3 - Angels. How Angels have helped people and how they can help you.
Week 4 - Reiki. History of Reiki and how to channel energy.*
Week 5 - Aromatherapy. Looking at oils, their uses and blending.*
Week 6 - Runes & I-Ching. History of both followed by a casting lesson.*
Week 7 - Colour & Sound Therapy. How colours affect us and the benefit of sound therapy.
Week 8 - Wicca. Misconceptions about Witchcraft. Origins of Halloween and other holidays.
Week 9 - Reflexology. History followed by looking at various points on face, hands and feet.*
Week 10- Positive Thinking. How a change in your thought process can make you live longer and healthier.
Week 11 - Shamanism. What is it to be a Shamen?
Week 12 - Palm Reading. Reading each other's palms.*

* where indicated practical class demonstrations will take place.
£7 per week which includes a 10 minute meditation. Discount given for booking in advance all 12 weeks.

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