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Arthur Road, London SW19 8AG, UK


I am a certified Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor, Spiritual Holistic Life Coach, Holistic Hypnotherapist and a Reiki Practitioner. I provide a confidential, safe and non-judgement space to support you wherever you are in your journey. I offer my assistance and guidance through holistic and intuitive approach to therapy that include wide range of healing methods to suit your challenges, your needs and your beliefs.
My dedication and promise to you...

My intention is to provide you with the opportunity to heal the parts in you that are hurting. Using principals of Spiritual Psychology to uncover triggers and disturbances life's challenges presents and bring them to awareness, allows healing to occur through Self-Compassion, Self-Love and Self-Forgiveness.

I will support you in your self-enquiry, I will guide you in your self-discovery and I will assist you in your self-realisation.
My skills and knowledge will be at your entire disposition to serve you on your journey.
I will be devoted to your growth and transformation as I am devoted to mine.
I am committed to truth and change, therefore as you transform I will too.

Let’s work together to acquire Clarity, Balance and Peace of Mind…

Love & Light

VISIT WEBSITE 07469723637

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  • 12th Apr 2019
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VISIT WEBSITE 07469723637

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