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Taunton, UK


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Energy healer since 2007.

Lifespath specialises in Spirit Release - clearing ghosts from homes or attachments to people. It’s surprising how common this is. Having entities in your home, or your personal space, can cause many issues. With spirit attachment, the energies of the ghost can be felt by the host as if they are their own. So if the spirit was holding on to anger, jealousy, sadness, depression, etc., the host will feel that vibration. With house ghosts, they will cause issues like icy cold areas, freaking out your pets, moving things about, electrical devices going on and off independently, unexplained noises, a feeling that you’re being watched, and suchlike. Sensitive occupiers can get really troubled by these uninvited guests. In either case, these spirits have just got stuck here and need help to move on. They will be sent away with love and go to where they need to be, and the client gets to feel themselves again. The usual report is that a person or home feels so much lighter.

There are many types of attachments, and some can incarnate with a person. It’s useful to clear these, especially with the mentally ill. We should only have one soul operating in this life, and if we have brought other souls in with us, they can become demanding.

A soul clearing will clear many trapped emotions and negative energies picked up by the soul through its many lives. These energies can affect a person in this lifetime, even though they will be unaware that the issues are resonating from a past life.

You will know if things don’t feel right within you, someone you know, or the house. Call me to see how I can help. Sessions can be done by distance, so I don’t need to visit you in order to do a clearing (spiritual WIFI 😉)

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