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Derby, UK



iChannel Wisdom is a spiritual education platform, focused on helping you in dismantling the scaffolding of separation from yourself, others, purpose, planet and the source of creation.

Whilst we say this is a spiritual education, it is actually an earthly education of what we all experience. The real education lies behind our experience, the real education lies in how you perceive, respond and release the experience.

How do you find your own place of inner power that brings peace of mind, a healthy body and a balance within the self that allows you to ground the root of growth?

You are on a journey, where the evolution of growth through commitment and implementation of wisdom brings you back to the beginning, only to find that all that you thought you knew, you did not know; only to go deeper into the truth of your own understanding and to scrape back further the systems of scaffolding that has supported the ego and simply seek more truth about the ecology of our lives and our understanding of human consciousness.

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  • 15th Feb 2021
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