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Heart Song Spirit

Heart Song Spirit, Drump Road, Redruth, UK


Shamanism / Paganism

Shamanic Healing - Sound Activation - Massage

Authentic healing, held in a sacred sound space in Cornwall with intention to restore balance and harmony within the individual.
Assistance working with all aspects of self, such as inner child, shadow parts, past lives and ancestral healing.

Heart Song Spirit was founded by healer Andrew David, who is a channel for traditional trance shamanism based in Cornwall.
Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Sound Activations using advanced vocal sound frequencies, medicine songs and mantra.

Heart Song Spirit’s aim is to embody our spirit and integrate higher-self connection to source and mother gaia.
Acknowledging that we are multidimensional beings of dark and light connected to multiple threads of consciousness.

VISIT WEBSITE 07930101379
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Heart Song Spirit

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