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Healing 4 Humanity

35 Martinique Way, Eastbourne, United Kingdom


Spiritual Development

Healing 4 Humanity is a psycho-spiritual and socio-spiritual training system based on inner yoga mechanisms.

We investigate the science of meditation and spiritual practices to elevate the soul beyond the confines of the mind, heart, and body.

Our aim is to immerse in the connection which is indivisible and meaning which is universal, at a time of great humanitarian need for truth and peace.

The mechanisms we employ have been given through a direct lineage of Saints, and are available for all those sincerely seeking to move beyond themselves and to help alleviate suffering.

Ultimately, we are returning to the seed of consciousness which informs life so that we can clear the seeds of illusion, or karma.

Precise meditation tools, techniques, and formulas are used to awaken this normally latent awareness and energy of the soul, known as kundalini, for self-healing and healing of the planet.

VISIT WEBSITE 07738284866

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