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Discover Your Life Purpose

Over the years I have been asked by many clients if I can tell them their life purpose, to me though it is more powerful if you uncover it for yourself. I spent a long time trying to find my life purpose too, so I decided to pull together all the tools that helped me to find mine as well as using my coaching & intuitive skills to create a surefire way to help people find their life purpose. u have not gotten to it? It nags away at you, you can’t relax until it is taken care of it, that is how we feel when we are not fully on track to our life purpose. During this workshop you will use different tools to help you uncover the life purpose you have been seeking, you will tap into your soul, its needs and its emotions. You will be able to work out from that information what you want to do with it; if you are here to be of service to others you may recognise that you should be a teacher or a carer, you may discover that your soul loves music & that your mission is to use it as a tool to help others. Maybe you are here to make people smile or you could be here, like Greta Thunberg to make a global difference. Once you know your life purpose, life will never be the same again, literally! The course is aimed at those who wish to discover their life purpose so they can live fully in alignment with their soul’s mission, we all have a reason for being here, some may be just to love and be loved, for some their life purpose may be on a global scale, for others on a smaller scale, no matter how you live your life purpose it will fill your heart & soul with joy, fulfilment & love. For the course content and more info please see my website
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