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Quantum Hypnotherapy Training - Past Life | Life Between Lives | Spirit Release | Future Lives

Quantum Hypnotherapy Training - Past Life | Life Between Lives | Spirit Release | Future Lives
Are you interested in consciousness, spirituality, past life regression and harnesssing the power of the unconscious mind through hypnosis? Perhaps you're a healer, therapist, coach, psychic, counsellor or clinical hypnotherapist interested in connecting more deeply with your own souls journey and being able to help your clients? This online live certified Quantum Hypnotherapy Training Course includes training in; Past Life Regression, Lives Between Lives, Future Lives, Spirit Release and Healing With the Subconscious, You'll learn powerful healing processes for your own personal spiritual and professional ,development. These processes gift you with a powerful healing modality that has a variety of applications to be able to support others in their souls journey, personal, spiritual and professional development.and transforming all areas of their life including: anxiety, depression, phobia, illness, dis-ease, body, relationships, career, money and much more. This course provides a rich, experiential framework and process to experience your Soul’s journey through all time, space, dimension, reality, thus supporting the inner standing and integration of the soul’s purpose, the soul’s innate wisdom, talents, gifts and abilities. You’ll learn how to connect with more of who you are, to heal and resolve past trauma on a cellular level, to heal limiting beliefs, behaviours and to connect with your Higher Self, your Future Self and access more of who you truly be and creating your best life. Transpersonal hypnotherapy is a spiritual and integrative model and this approach is a powerful tool for rapid access of your client’s deep unconscious blocks, stories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviours and patterns as well as impacting all areas of their lives. You will learn how to help your clients with their health and well-being as you work with the client’s Higher Self and Healing Team for powerful healing. Utilising hypnotherapy you can support your clients not only in their personal and professional life, but in their spiritual life by accessing their Soul’s Journey and thus connecting them with valuable internal spiritual resources and supporting both their spiritual ascension process and all ares of their life. This course is taught live online, we will be using the zoom classroom, together with breakout rooms, allowing you to attend from the comfort of your own home and to gain valuable supervised experience working online. To discover more about the training, please visit the website for the complete course description and details.
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VISIT WEBSITE 044 7412618861 (Kimberley Lovell)
kimberley Lovell
kimberley Lovell - Kimberley Lovell is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Business Coach, Spiritual Teacher and Trainer she works with visionary, heart-centred spiritual entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers who are here to create positive change in the world.

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