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Unravelling Peak Performance: A 4-week journey for men into their sexuality and vulnerability

Your 4-week Journey starts this August In this 4-part series we uncover the lies you’ve been told about your sexuality and I reveal to you how shifting your sexual mindset can revolutionise your relationships and invite you and your partner into increased intimacy, pleasure and enjoyment in your lives. We will journey together for 4 weeks, across 4 key cornerstones of psychosexual programming, equipping you to better understand your body, your sexual behaviour and how you can take the quality of your sexual and intimate experiences to the next level, reducing the pressure you place on yourself and inviting sexual partners into greater agency and sexual empowerment. Conditioning – Her Pleasure –His Pleasure –Neuroplasticity To Apply: £125 series payment payable directly to Emma: Miss E Harper, Triodos Bank, Sort Code: 16-58-10, Account No: 20849605 with confirmation email to [email protected] Early bird tickets £100 payable by July 27th Workshop timetable: 2 hrs on Monday evenings across August August 3rd: 1. Vulnerability Matters: Male sexual conditioning in the modern age and how we protect our hearts. August 10th 2. Sensual, Seductive and Silenced: Female sexual conditioning in the modern age and how your loving touch can support her unfolding. August 17th 3. Coming Together: The magic of presence, communication and mutual responsibility for deepening your intimacy. August 24th 4. Deconstructing Venus: A Guide to Women’s anatomy and arousal and what you really need to know to make an exceptional lover. This programme is for you if: • You identify as male or male-bodied. • You are looking for change and improvement in your life in relation to sexuality, intimacy and the quality of your physical relationships. • You are willing to bring yourself into a group healing environment to create change in the way you relate to your sexuality. • You are open to the idea that by reclaiming your vulnerability during the most intimate, shared expression of yourself, that you set deep physiological imprints for your body, that allow it to begin to soften , whilst opening space for real connection in your relationships inside and outside the bedroom. • You are open to the concept that you are a changeable and complex being, made up of multiple parts. • You are open to the possibility that parts of you came online and took shape during your developmental and adult experiences and that they now organise themselves around your sexual expression in a way that attempts to keep you feeling safe and powerful. • You are willing to get to know these parts of yourself and support them to relax or expand in order that you might have new experiences of your sexuality. • You are ready to leave self-criticism and shame behind and embrace a loving connection to yourself and to those who want to love you and give you pleasure. • You believe that the increasing sexual consciousness of men and women has a critical role in the world and are willing to be a part of a group of people bravely stepping into personal development in an area most shy away from looking at. • You are willing to acknowledge me in my role as your guide in this territory as being both human and imperfect and to retain ownership for developing your own thoughts, feelings and truth in regards your personal sexuality, how you chose to express yourself and the decisions you make in your relationships. Note: you do not need to have been raised as male or identify as heterosexual to take part in this programme, however it is designed to be most helpful for persons who have been raised male and intend, or have, some experience of partnering sexually with women. No prior personal development experience or therapeutic experience is needed. Just an open mind and a willing heart. You will be welcomed and held safe as the sacred being that you are. Platform • Zoom Benefits of Attending • Avoid costly mistakes, heart-ache, rejection and humiliation by educating yourself about your sexuality and taking yourself as a lover seriously, for yourself and for the sake of your partners. • Become a better, more present and more relaxed lover. • Increase sexual confidence and communication skills • Leverage the power of groups to expedite your journey, release shame and normalise difficult sexual experiences you may have had from simply being male and not having received adequate education about the female body and the sexual act itself. • Re-imprint inaccurate messages you may have learned about female sexuality from the pornography industry. • Shortcut years of potential trial and error on the relational healing path by being open to the experience of a sexuality professional and of a supportive and impartial female guide. • Learn more about your own body and its needs. • Learn how to touch your partner, physically and emotionally. Find out more and apply at
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Emma K Harper
Emma K Harper - Emma K Harper, Psychosexual Somatics® Therapist, Internal Family Systems Practitioner, Sex Educator

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