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Reiki 2 Training Course

Reiki 2 Training Course
REIKI 2 / SECOND DEGREE TRAINING COURSE: Learn about Mental and Emotional Balancing plus Distant Healing This course aims to support you in becoming a more powerful and confident Reiki Healer and will ground you further into the amazing benefits and aspects of Reiki Healing. It's objective is to give you a great foundation and knowledge to become the most effective healer possible; practising safely, ethically and effectively. You will also learn about practising healing on others, including animals and plants. Plus, to practice distant healing and emotional/mental healing. NOTE: If you have already started your Reiki training elsewhere, it is possible to continue the training providing it was with the Usui Reiki system. However, please be mindful that as everyone teaches slightly differently, there may be some small differences. Course Outline and Key Contents: I will teach traditional Usui Reiki from a Japanese lineage; this it to ensure the Reiki Training remains as true as possible to the methods and essence of Mikao Usui’s teaching: - Meditations - How to heal on emotional levels and create Mental and Emotional Balancing and Clearing - How to send Distance Healing - Using Intention - Directing energy - Learn the Second Degree Reiki Symbols (drawing them / their names) - Using the Reiki Symbols during a treatment - Creating a Healing space - Attunements to Reiki Energy - Treating plants, animals, food and water with Reiki - Clearing a space and using Reiki and the Symbols - Setting up a public practice / business - Reiki Level Two Training Manual and Certificate (please bring own packed lunch) Cost: £155 (includes Reiki 2 Training Course Manual, Certificate plus hot drinks / water) Book space here: Location: Rectory Cottages, Church Green Road, Bletchley, Milton Keynes, MK3 6BJ
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